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Doc’s Drive-in Theatre in Kyle

Miss going to the movies? Now you can go to the movies in a different way that’s reminiscent of 1950s. Check out Doc’s Drive-In Theatre on 1540 Satterwhite Rd. in Buda. It’s more than a drive-in theater.

The Doc’s Drive-In Theatre Experience

Doc’s contains two large screens playing modern and classic movies from every genre. It’s your chance to see your favorites in a unique setting and discover new ones. Well-behaved dogs on a leash are welcome to join the fun.

To enhance your experience, bring chairs, blankets, pillows, and any necessities such as medicine and emergency items. Order traditional and no-so-traditional movie food from Doc’s Patio Diner. They even have vegan chicken wings and s’mores. You can order beer and wine options from Mama Merlot’s, their on-site bar. Because they have a restaurant on-site, they ask no one bring outside food and drinks.

You can even make a weekend of it by staying in a themed tiny home.

Take a Hollywood-Style Vacation

Located behind Doc’s Drive-In is Weewok Village. There, you can enjoy a stay in one of three themed tiny homes: magical, classical, or galactical.

Fan of Harry Potter’s? Want a magical getaway? Head to the Wizarding World Theme tiny house. The room has a queen bed, TV with a DVD player, and contains all the Harry Potter books and films. A bathroom and shower stocked with homemade soaps and lotions await. The living room has a couch that turns into a small bed. And the kitchen is stocked with appliances and movie snacks.

Drawn to the classics? Experience Breakfast at Tiffany’s in real-life in the Breakfast at Audrey’s theme filled with sass and class that sleeps five. Featuring two loft bedrooms, the mini home has a king and queen bed. Watch all your favorite Audrey Hepburn films and discover a couple you haven’t seen. Relax in your private deck and yard while taking in the sights and sounds of Buda.

Does the name Weewok make you think of Ewoks? Perhaps, you’d like to go on a space adventure in the Galaxy, Far, Far Away theme. With space for four, the mini home has a king-sized bed in the loft, a couch that turns into a small bed, and a twin blow up bed. The kitchen has all the appliances you could want and movie snacks. You can watch all the Star Wars films, read, and play games.

Everyone from Kyle needs to experience Doc’s Drive-In Theatre at least once!

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Paddle with Style Near Kyle, Texas

School may have started, but that won’t stop folks from enjoying what’s left of summer. This is Texas, so summer temperatures are still happening. What a better way to spend the evenings and weekends than on the water? And Paddle With Style can help you do just that.

What Is Paddle With Style?

Paddle With Style is a business based out of San Marcos, Texas. They offer canoe and kayak rentals, lessons, and guided trips for all ages. Did you know that there are competitive paddle sports? It’s true! One is called the Texas Water Safari the World’s Toughest Canoe Race. In this competition, entrants have four days and four hours to paddle from San Marcos to the little town of Seadrift on the Gulf Coast.

Owner Holly Orr and the folks behind Paddle With Style founded the company in 2009. They wanted to provide a program to help kids learn how to canoe. Within a year, they added lessons to train people for the Texas Water Safari. Now their mission is to introduce people to the sport of paddling with education, water conservation, and adventure.

Holly is passionate about distance paddling. She has competed in marathon canoe races. She’s finished 12 — yes, twelve — Texas Water Safaris. She’s broken six women’s records and won her class nine times. Holly has also done the Colorado 100, a 100-mile marathon canoe race from Bastrop to Columbus, Texas.

Paddling Instruction Programs in San Marcos

Paddle With Style holds their classes in San Marcos, but they do travel to other locations. Their classes include competition training, introduction to paddling skills, instruction certification, and youth programs.

Their competition training programs prepare people everywhere from zero to years of experience to learn how to paddle and improve their techniques.

Just like many sports have associations with certificate programs, there’s one for canoeing. The American Canoe Association (ACA) is a nationally recognized organization for paddle sports. Anyone interested in becoming a paddle sports instructor can get started with Paddle With Sports instructor certification workshops.

For the latest news and contests, check the Paddle With Style Facebook page. Kyle residents don’t have far to go for all this paddle sports fun as the fun is only 20 minutes away.

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What to Do for Labor Day in Kyle

The City of Kyle is not letting Kyle Pie in the Sky Hot Air Balloon Festival’s cancellation stop them from coming up with a way to provide a little of its magic to Kyle. And that magic will appear in the form of 2020 City of Kyle Labor Day Celebrations. Check out what they have in store to celebrate America’s largest rest day.

Balloon Flyover

Great news! The hot air balloons will still take flight on Saturday, Sept. 5 at 7 am! This one time is worth waking up with the sunrise. Here’s your chance to step outside and watch for hot air balloons to appear at random intervals. This isn’t a city sanctioned event, but it’s sure to make it a magical Labor Day weekend!

Drive-thru Glow Show

Who says driving through neighborhoods only has to happen during the winter holiday season to see the holiday lights? On Saturday, Sept. 5 at 7:45 pm, everyone is invited to line up at 5001 City Lights Dr. for a memorable evening drive. Drive down Physicians Way to see eight to 10 tethered balloons glow in the nighttime. The city asks everyone to please not park or walk up to the event.

Photo Contests

From Sept. 4 to 11, everyone is invited to enter photo contests. This is your chance to share what Labor Day in Kyle means to you in photography. Is it a BBQ with family and friends? Is it decorating your yard? Is it celebrating frontline workers and heroes? Will it be a reflection of Pie in the Sky festivals of the past?

Winners will receive cash prizes. City Council will announce the winners at its Sept. 15 meeting. The next section shares how to enter the photo contest.

Get Updates on Kyle Labor Day Events

All events are free. The hot air balloon events are weather-permitting. Here’s hoping Mother Nature permits it!

Check the City of Kyle Labor Day Celebrations Facebook page regularly for updates. It will have instructions on how to enter the photo contests. This page will also list additional Labor Day events going on around Kyle.

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Tesla Chooses Texas: Austin Gigafactory Underway

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced that the company is building its largest auto assembly plant in Austin. The 2,100-acre site will be located in Travis County near Austin-Bergstrom Airport. Here’s what you need to know about the Tesla Austin Gigafactory.

About the Tesla Austin Gigafactory

Tesla’s Austin Gigafactory will build the new Cybertruck pickup. It’s also the second manufacturing site of the Model Y small SUV. The eastern markets will get their vehicles from this plant. Musk has described the plant as an “ecological paradise” that will have a boardwalk along with a public biking and hiking trail.

The company receive more than $60 million in tax breaks from the local school district and the county over a 10-year period. It’s not surprising that Tesla chose Texas. Musk has his SpaceX rocket company in Brownsville and McGregor.

Tesla plans to invest $1.1 billion in the new Austin Gigafactory that will employ at least 5,000 people. Employees will receive a minimum wage of $15 per hour as well as health insurance, paid leave, and other benefits.

About the Tesla Cybertruck

The company describes the all-electric Cybertruck as having “better utility than a truck and with more performance than a sports car.” The Cybertruck Tri-Motor all-wheel drive can accelerate 0 to 60 mph in an impressive 2.9 seconds and yield 500 miles on an electric charge.

It’ll have an exterior shell made for durability and passenger protection. This exoskeleton is designed for strength and endurance. The exoskeleton will contain ultra-hard 30X cold-rolled stainless-steel structural skin and Tesla armor glass.

Tesla promises this exoskeleton will minimize dents, damage, and long-term corrosion while providing maximum passenger protection. It has a towing capacity of over 14,000 pounds. An adaptive air suspension can raise and lower the suspension by four inches.

The Cybertruck will feature up to 3,500 pounds of payload capacity and adjustable air suspension. Tesla has engineered the Cybertruck with 100 cubic feet of exterior, lockable storage. It seats six passengers comfortably with storage under the second-row seats. Storage also includes a frunk and sail pillars. According to the company website, the Cybertruck will enter production in late 2021. It’ll be exciting times for Tesla Texas!

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