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Celebrate Halloween 2021 in Kyle

One of the most fun days of the year is coming! Who doesn’t love a good Halloween with costumes and candy galore? The City of Kyle has scared up a few family-friendly October Festivities you’ll want to check out!

October Contests

The City of Kyle has multiple contests happening throughout October. Be aware that none of the contests give a deadline. They do list the dates the winner will receive a notification. The contest information section has a contact person you can reach out to confirm the deadlines.

The next contest coming up is the pumpkin carving and decorating contest. You’ll submit a photo of the completed pumpkin. Yard decorating and costume contests are also available.

Halloween Movie at the Lake

This free event takes place tomorrow, October 15 at Lake Kyle (700 Lehman Rd., Kyle, TX 78640). At sundown, they will show “The Addams Family.”

Center Street Trick or Treat

On Saturday, October 23 from 9 am to 12 pm, the businesses on Center St. invite you and your family to trick-or-treat. These local businesses and organizations will have tents and tables at City “Scare” Park aka Mary Kyle Hartson City Square Park at 101 S. Burleson Rd. It’ll be a fun afternoon of treats with a costume contest.

The costume contest judging takes place at 10 am and the pumpkin decorating contest judging is at 11:30 am. They’ll have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for three different age groups.

Most businesses will hand out candy and host activities. Food and drink vendors will be on site and some will sell children’s items.

We hope you have a “bootiful” Halloween!

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2021 Founders’ Day Parade in Kyle, Texas

Coming up this weekend is one of the City of Kyle’s most beloved celebrations and events. On Saturday, Oct. 9 from 10 am to 12:30 pm is the Founders’ Day Parade.

How did this parade even get started? What is it about? Sometime in October 1880, people bought the first lots in Kyle. This compelled the city and its citizens to start a new tradition in which they held parades through downtown Kyle every year in mid-October. That parade is the Founders’ Day Parade and its purpose is to recognize the town’s founders.

What’s on Tap for the 2021 Founders’ Day Parade?

This 140-plus-year tradition and parade will start at Gregg-Clarke Park. They’ll travel along Center Street and end at Front Street on the City Square. Right after the parade ends, the city will celebrate its birthday with cupcakes, music, and family fun on Burleson Street.

The best spots to watch the parade are on either side of Center Street between Gregg-Clarke Park and Mary Kyle Hartson City Square Park. The City asks attendees to stay on the sidewalks or grassy areas on Center Street. Check out the event’s page on Facebook for more information.

A Brief History of Kyle, Texas

Settlers from Mountain City and Blanco founded the town of Kyle in 1880. Somewhere between 1870 and 1880, the International and Great Northern Railroad planned to build a line between Austin and San Antonio. In building the railroad, the planners discovered there weren’t towns on the route between Austin and San Marcus, Thus, they decided to create a station on that route.

Captain Fergus Kyle and David Moore’s family donated 200 acres for this site. As a result, Texas Land Company deeded the land to build the town. And the City of Kyle got its name in honor of one of the people who donated the land.

In October 1880, the town held an auction under Kyle’s famous Oaktree to auction off the business and residential lots. To encourage people to bid, the railroad offered free train rides to anyone who participated in the sale. The railroad donated the land around the tree, which eventually became the home of Kyle Seminary, the city’s first school.

Want to explore more? Check out these Kyle historical markers.

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Costco Comes to Kyle

In partnership with Hays County, the City of Kyle and Kyle Economic Development have announced Costco will be coming to Kyle. The 150,000-square-feet store will be located at the I-35 Texas Innovation Corridor. You’ll find it on I-35 between Kohlers Crossing and Kyle Crossing. Home Depot and Evo Entertainment are also in this area.

About Costco

The City of Kyle and the Kyle Economic Development have been working to bring Costco here. It’s a membership-based retailer with more than 800 locations worldwide. Not only did the City want to provide Kyle residents with one of the top retailers, but also a place that has a proven history of taking care of its employees and providing them with competitive wages and benefits. Early this year, Costco raised its minimum hourly pay to $16 for hourly employees. The facility is expected to support more than 200 jobs.

Costco is perfect for Kyle. As you know, Kyle is the Pie Capital of Texas. Well, it turns out that Costco is one of the country’s largest pizzerias! They sell their large slices at more than 400 locations.

That’s not the only popular food item you can buy there. They’re famous for their hot dog combo deal that only costs $1.50, which includes a soda. It’s been a buck fifty since 1985 and the retailer sells more than 100 million hot dogs every year! Another popular item at the food court is the acai bowl. It’s what you get when you put a smoothie and yogurt together.

Shopping at Costco

If you don’t already know about it, get ready to become familiar with the Kirkland brand. That’s Costco’s in-house brand. You’ll find everything with the Kirkland name: over-the-counter medicines, coffee, rotisserie chickens, bacon, and even golf balls.

Here are some items you may want to buy at Costco:

  • Breakfast cereal
  • Cheese
  • Eggs
  • Kirkland maple syrup
  • Kirkland vodka (not kidding)
  • Clothing

A typical Costco sells 4,000 items. By comparison, an average grocery store sells around 40,000 items. Unlike grocery stores, Costco doesn’t carry multiple brands of each one. We can’t wait to shop at Costco and finish our trip with a stop at their food court.

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What You Need to Know About Kyle’s Transportation Plan

No doubt, Kyle has been growing like a weed in recent years. And exciting things are happening to ensure the city maintains the country-living lifestyle everyone loves. The city last updated its transportation plan in 2015. And now that plan needs to be updated to match Kyle’s extraordinary growth.

It’s standard for the city to update the plan every five years to ensure it reflects current needs and pace of growth.

What’s in the 2021 Transportation Master Plan

As a result, the city has approved a new map for the plan presented by a consulting company. The city contracted a consulting company to help with updating the plan and to do it quickly.

The new plan adds two I-35 crossings to enhance connectivity. One is planned for Kohlers Crossing and the other for RM 158. It also proposes sidewalks, trails, and several arterial roads with six, four, or two to three lanes.

The City of Kyle and the contractor are working to make sure they honor and respect the land and properties. You can view the Transportation Master Plan Update 2021 maps, presentations, and a video on the city’s website. You can also view the City of Kyle’s projects.

What the Mayor Says

“What scares me is not just the development, trucks and congestion that we have, it’s the fact that half our city or more is undeveloped land that’s currently in the process of being developed,” Mayor Travis Mitchell told San Marcos Record.

“I think about our residents and what’s in their longterm best interest. If you approve subdivisions but don’t approve roads, don’t plan for roads, don’t plan for connectivity, but allow the development to come, you end up like Austin. You end up like a city filled to the brim with congestion. The only way that I know to handle that responsibly is to be as proactive and forward-thinking as you possibly can.”

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Buda Restaurant Week

Buda, Texas and its many offerings are just a 12-minute drive from the Crosswinds community in Kyle, Texas. And you’ll want to head there next week for Buda Restaurant Week. The nice thing about being close to the “Buda-full” city is that you can go for many of the events. No picking and choosing. Go to all of them.

What Is Buda Restaurant Week?

Buda Restaurant Week runs from Sept. 13 through 19. It’s a week-long foodie’s paradise. Participating restaurants around Buda will offer special menu items, pre-Fixe menus, and craft cocktails.

As of this writing, Historic Downtown Buda hasn’t announced the participating restaurants. Visit the event page and Facebook page for the latest news and announcements. You can explore the Buda dining scene to discover the possibilities.

Meet Buda, Texas

Buda is 15 miles south of Austin located along the IH-35 corridor between San Antonio and Austin. Its population of under 20,000 people lives in its 5.4 square miles. Like Kyle, its residents are in the Hays Consolidated Independent School District.

Historic Downtown Buda features six blocks of restaurants, shops, and historic buildings. Every Sunday, they have the Downtown Buda Farmers Market. And on the first Saturday of every month, they host the Downtown Buda Merchant’s Group with its live music, food, and drinks.

They’re known as the Wiener Dog Capital of Texas as they hold Weiner Dog Races every year. The next one is scheduled for April 23, 2022. We hope you’ll experience Buda Restaurant Week.

That’s the beauty of living in a new home in Kyle’s Crosswinds community. It puts you near some of Texas Hill Country’s finest. Here are more places you may want to explore.

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Texas Radio Live at Güero’s Taco Bar

Looking for something fun to do in the middle of the week? How about on Hump Day Wednesday? Sun Radio’s Texas Radio Live pops-up at Güero’s Taco Bar (1412 S Congress Ave., Austin, TX 78704) with live music every Wednesday from 7 to 8 PM CT.

About Texas Radio Live

Texas Radio Live is the longest-running live music radio program on Austin radio. Each week, they present the latest Texas sings, songwriters, and musicians. At the same time, they pay tribute to the many Texas musicians who have come before.

Here’s the schedule of upcoming performances:

  • Aug 25: Pat Byrne
  • 1: Wayne Sutton
  • 8: Ruby Dice
  • 15: Madam Radar
  • 22: Texas Radio Live
  • 29: Brad Stivers
  • Oct 6: Jaimee Harris

Not only will you have a grand ol’ time but also contribute to the fundraiser to support the Sun Radio Foundation. Its mission is to support local musicians. The organization provides financial relief by deferring the cost of electricity bills and paying artists to perform. And you can register to win a prize.

You don’t have to wait until Wednesday for live music and authentic Tex-Mex food. Güero’s Taco Bar has live music on other days. Here’s their live music schedule. Browse their site and you’ll also see mouthwatering photos of their menu items. Prepare yourself to have a hankering for Tex-Mex!

History of Texas Radio Live

Larry Monroe moved to Austin in 1977. His goal was to put Austin music on the radio through records, interviews, and live performances. After joining KUT in 1981, he started a program called Texas Music. Eventually, the name changed to Texas Radio.

Texas Radio aimed to share music by Texas musicians. Occasionally, Monroe would have a live guest or broadcast recorded interviews. In 2011, Monroe joined Sun Radio and brought Blue Money and Phil Music with him. But he also wanted to bring Texas Radio back. Sun Radio Founder Daryl O’Neal not only agreed but recommended turning it into a live program.

O’Neal took the idea to Rob Lippincott, owner of Güero’s Taco Bar. He wholeheartedly agreed. Monroe added David Arnsberger to the team and thus Texas Radio Live came back bigger and better. Unfortunately, Larry Monroe passed away in 2014. Thankfully, David Arnsberger carries on Larry Monroe’s spirit and continues to host Texas Radio Live.

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Tesla Supplier Plastikon Building Factory in Kyle

Austin and Kyle celebrated when Tesla moved to the area. Now we have reason to celebrate again! Plastikon plans to lease almost 100,000 square feet in the Plum Creek Industrial Center in Kyle.

About Plastikon

Like the name implies, Plastikon is in the plastics industry with headquarters in Hayward, California. The manufacturing company works with automotive, electronics, and medical companies. And one of those automotive companies is Tesla as Plastikon will be a supplier to Tesla’s Gigafactory.

The company makes steering wheels and consoles. They will supply the production of the Tesla Cybertruck SUV and semi-tractor trailer. The factory will be 30 minutes away from Tesla’s Gigafactory.

Founded almost four decades ago, Plastikon’s core values are to deliver on their commitment to providing the highest quality and value with corporate and social responsibility. As a longtime Toyota Select Supplier, they applied the principles of lean manufacturing, which has helped in their growth. They also have a certified minority status.

The company says it will initially hire 75 to 100 people. Then, it may add another 100 positions later. The factory is expected to be operating by October or November of 2021.

The Tesla Effect Continues

Simwon North America Corp. has also signed a lease at Plum Creek for almost 500,000 sq. ft. They’re an auto-body manufacturer that makes body parts for Tesla’s electric vehicles in California. This factory expects to employ 400 people and be operational by December or January. Tesla’s plant is also expected to go live by that time as well.

About a block from the Plum Creek area is Kyle Crossing Business Park where Amazon Kyle will occupy half of it and Lowe’s Kyle will take the other half.

The latest is that Tesla may need 10,000 people for its Gigafactory by the end of 2022. Currently, they’re hiring for more than 250 positions.

The company has also announced a training partnership with Austin Community College District. Tesla START Manufacturing at ACC will offer a 14-week course that will have students working in paid positions at Tesla’s factory while attending training at ACC Riverside campus. Participants will be eligible for full-time jobs upon completing the program.

Business experts believe more companies will follow Tesla to the area to join its supply chain. Kyle residents will now have the opportunity to find jobs at these companies and work closer to home.

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3 Tips for the Texas Sales Tax Holiday

Is it almost August? That means Texas Sales Tax Holiday is coming up fast and furious. With more people venturing out, it’s sure to be busy from August 6 to 8. That’s because this is Texas Tax-Free weekend in 2021.

It’s easy to overspend during the tax holiday. These tips will help you ensure you buy what you need and avoid buying something you already have. The nice thing about the tax-free weekend is that it’s for everyone, not just families with kids going to school.

Here are a few important things to know:

  • Items $100 or more are taxable.
  • Does not apply to clothing subscription boxes.
  • Keep all your receipts.
  • Stores will not give out rainchecks.

Make the most of tax-free weekend and back-to-school shopping with these tips.

  1. Review the official list

You may have seen online articles talking about what’s taxable and what’s exempt. However, some of these aren’t accurate. The one list you want to refer to is the official Sales Tax Holiday list from the Comptroller of Texas. It’d be a good idea to print the list or save it to your phone.

Again, all items priced at $100 or more are not exempt from taxes. Yes, even if they’re on the list. For example, tennis shoes are exempt from taxes unless they cost $100 or more. Be aware that not all shoes qualify for the tax exemption.

The following types of footwear are not tax-free:

  • Cleats
  • Running shoes with cleats
  • Ballet slippers
  • Ski boots

And just because one item is taxable, others may not be. For example, tennis skirts and football jerseys are exempt, but football pads and baseball pants are taxable. The logic is that people wear tennis skirts and football jerseys as clothes outside of the sport. Whereas cleats and pads are specific to a sport.

Flip-flops, sandals, and cowboy boots are exempt. While belts are exempt, stand-alone belt buckles are not.

Would you categorize pajamas as school clothes or school supplies? No, they’re exempt. Here are tax-free items that may surprise you:

  • Swimsuits
  • Robes
  • Slippers
  • Hunting vests
  • Suspenders
  • Diapers: baby and adult
  • Graduation caps and gowns

So, use the list from the Comptroller of Texas as your only source. Double-check our work.

  1. Make a shopping list

When you don’t prepare for shopping, you risk buying a lot of things you already have. Before you go, create a list of what you need. Try on clothes to confirm current clothing and shoe sizes. Don’t use the dressing room as the place to figure it out.

While most people may fit in two or three different sizes, it helps to have a baseline. You want to minimize trying on clothes during a hectic shopping time.

  1. Note store hours

You won’t find Black Friday-like hours, but many stores will extend their hours for the Texas Sales Tax Holiday. If you want to avoid the crowds, go as soon as the store opens on Friday. Some people still have to work, so it’s most likely the least crowded time of the whole weekend.

These three tips will optimize your tax-free weekend and minimize the headaches.

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Places in the Texas Hill Country Near Kyle Worth Exploring

For those not familiar with the term “Texas Hill Country”, it references the geographic area that covers 25 counties in West, Central, and South Texas. The most notable locations include Austin, Lockhart, New Braunfels, San Marcos, and Wimberley. And there are a few lesser-known towns you might want to check out.

People love coming to the Texas Hill Country because of its breathtaking views, photograph-worthy scenes, history, and adventurous spirit. The possibilities are many! Here are different places to help you find a match for your interests.


Kyle residents choose to live here because they can savor the country living while being close enough to Austin and all the fun stuff it has to offer. Especially the music fans because Austin is known as the Live Music Capital of the World. It’s no surprise considering Austin has many live music venues.

Sports fans love watching University of Texas teams and FC Austin play. SXSW is held here every year for the latest in music, interactive, and movies. And Austin Bergstrom International airport will take you where you want to go.

San Marcos

Among other things, but most people head to San Marcos for one thing: outlet shopping at Premium Outlets and the Tanger Outlets. It has two full-sized outlet centers side-by-side with more than 200 stores to explore. Be sure to stop by San Marcos Downtown Square filled with boutique, unique shops, and restaurants.


Located 18 miles from Kyle, Wimberley is a town that sits between Austin and San Antonio. It’s where Cypress Creek and Blanco River connect turning Wimberley into a refreshing summer destination. Check out Blue Hole Regional Park, Jacob’s Well Natural Area, and Wimberley Market Days.

Canyon Lake

If you love recreation, then head straight to Canyon Lake for swimming, boating, fishing, camping, sailing, kayaking, and more. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers manages eight parks, two marinas, a golf course, a yacht club, and the property surrounding the lake.


One word describes Lockhart for a lot of people: Barbecue. After all, it’s the BBQ Capital of Texas. Many of the top BBQ joints can be found within 18 miles of Kyle. It’s also a favorite for day trips and weekend getaways. The city’s website lists all the places you may want to explore as well as lodging.

New Braunfels

You have so many options in New Braunfels including Gruene Historic District. This place is on the National Register of Historic Places with its many buildings that have been around since the 1800s. The Comal River is a spring-fed park that remains 72 degrees all year long.

Schlitterbahn Water Park, Natural Bridge Caverns, Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo, and McKenna Children’s Museum are all found there. It’s a great spot for a getaway weekend. Considering it’s around 30 minutes from Kyle, you can easily visit often.

What are your favorite Texas Hill Country destinations? Let us know on social media by connecting with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Looking to move? Explore the inventory of new homes in Kyle or contact our Crosswinds team.


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Kyle Market Days is Back

Local favorite Kyle Market Days is back! On the second Saturday of every month from May through September, you can browse local vendors and farm-to-market items, do arts and crafts, and sway to live music. The location has moved to Gregg Clarke Park (1180 W Center St, Kyle, TX 78640).

The event runs from 9 am to noon except for September’s event, which will be a special event called Squeeze Me on the Square on September 12. The market’s web page has a list of vendors and the months they’ll attend.

If you’d like to spend more time listening to the music, you can bring a lawn chair and a cooler. The next Kyle Market Days is this weekend on July 10.

Poco Loco Supermarket 

Want another market to visit? Poco Loco (1095 Windy Hill Rd., Kyle, Texas 78640) is a foodie’s paradise. You’ll find authentic Mexican food. If you love spicy salsa, the creamy jalapeño salsa is a must-try! The market makes flour tortillas and hot corn in-house! A Hispanic woman sells freshly-made churros outside of the store. But you never know when she’ll show up. So, stop by often!

Movies in Kyle

Want to get out of the house for a couple of hours? Check out Summer Movies in Kyle. The Kyle Parks and Recreation Department shows the latest blockbuster movies on the big screen. It’s free! The movies are held at the lake (700 Lehman Rd., Kyle, Texas 78640). Tomorrow, they’re showing Trolls World Tour.

You have another great movie option nearby. Doc’s Drive-In Theatre on 1540 Satterwhite Rd. in Buda has two large screens playing modern and classic movies from all genres. You can order traditional and non-traditional movie food from Doc’s Patio Dinner. They have house-made brisket and sauces as well as burgers, vegan wings, beer, wine, and more.

If you’re looking for new homes in Kyle, explore the master-planned community Crosswinds. Residents savor the natural beauty of the prairies while providing families with a place where they can connect

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