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Glamping vs. Camping: Which Outdoor Experience is Right for You?

Most of us are familiar with the concept of camping. Whether in a tent or under the stars, forgoing the comforts of home to spend the night in the great outdoors has been an American pastime for decades. 


While some folks love roughing it in the woods and everything that goes along with it, other outdoor enthusiasts are less than enthusiastic about the idea of sleeping on the ground. Here’s the scoop on glamping vs. camping and where to do both. 


What is Glamping?


The word “glamping” is a blend of the words “glamourous” and “camping.” People have been bringing the comforts of home to the woods as far back as the early 1900s when rich Europeans would set up lavish tents while on African safari hunts. These tents often had furniture, kitchenettes, and, in some cases, even chandeliers.


Glamping entered the American lexicon in the mid-2000s when the popularity of luxury tents and yurts with beds, electricity, running water, and even bathrooms began to take off. 


Camping vs. Glamping


Camping and glamping have both similarities and differences in the outdoor experience offered. 



  • Sleeping in a tent or even on the ground without a tent
  • You’ll probably be in a sleeping bag
  • Most likely no electricity
  • You’ll either have to use the bathroom outside or walk to a campsite restroom
  • Greater exposure to the elements




  • Less exposure to the elements
  • You may have a private bathroom
  • Larger sleeping space
  • More comforts of home such as electricity/running water
  • It may be better for small children


Which One is Right for You?


Whether you choose camping or glamping is really all about what you want from your outdoor overnight experience. If you prefer a bed with sheets over a sleeping bag and are looking for creature comforts like wifi, mood lighting, and perhaps restaurant-quality meals after a day of hiking, glamping is more your speed. 


However, suppose you’re looking to get back to nature and ditch the luxuries of 21st-century society for a bit. In that case, camping is probably more appealing. 


Where to Glamp Near Kyle


There’s no shortage of fantastic glamping spots near Kyle that offer a unique and cozy outdoor experience. A quick look at GlampingHub reveals over 300 listings in the area! The options range from retro campers and tipis to safari tents and tree houses with amenities like hot tubs and king-size beds. 


Where to Camp Near Kyle


If you’re looking to break out your pup tent and throw a sleeping bag on the ground, you can find some great camping spots near Kyle that offer both primitive and less-primitive experiences. Pedernales Falls State Park has campsites that offer community showers and fire and electricity hookups for as low as $20 a night. 


If you prefer more privacy, consider one of the park’s $ 10-a-night hike-in primitive sites, or consider rolling out your sleeping bag at Walnut Springs or Sawyer Park in Georgetown. 

Whether you’re camping or glamping, there’s nothing better than returning from a weekend in the outdoors to a home you love. If you’d like to find your dream home, reach out to the Crosswinds team today.

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Tips for Traveling With Pets

If you plan on hitting the road for the fall holiday season – or taking to the skies – and taking your furry friend with you, planning ahead is an absolute must. 


Here are a few travel tips to keep in mind when traveling with your pets. 


Plan a Packing List


Planning out a packing list before any trip isn’t just a good habit for humans, but it applies to pets as well. Set aside a separate bag for all your pet’s essentials so that everything is packed together. 


  • Food/water bowl
  • Lesh
  • Treats
  • Toys


If your pet is going to be in a crate for the majority of your trip, be sure to include their favorite blanket or even an old t-shirt that smells like you for some extra comfort.


Traveling Safety


You wouldn’t dare think of taking your children on a car trip without making sure everyone is wearing their seatbelt, and your pet should be no different. There is a range of dog seat belts and harnesses on the market to fit just about every size of pooch. These can make all the difference in keeping your pet safe and comfortable during the trip. 


Even when traveling with a pet carrier, you should still take precautions to keep it secure so it doesn’t slide around in the car. This can easily be done by slipping the seat belt through the handle or around the carrier itself. 


Prep Your Car


Not every pet is exactly enthusiastic about going on a trip. In fact, traveling either by car or plane can often be incredibly stressful for pets. If your pet has a tendency to get car sick or have accidents when stressed, be sure to lay down plenty of towels in your car before pulling out of the driveway. (This will also help keep pet hair off the seats.)


While we’re on the subject of travel prep, if you know your pet gets stressed easily, it may be worth speaking with your vet about medication that can help your pet relax on the ride. 


Don’t Forget Important Documents


When traveling with pets, applying the Boy Scout motto of “always be prepared” is never a bad idea. Be sure to bring along either paper copies or a copy on your phone of any important information regarding your pets, such as vaccinations or medication prescriptions. This will make getting your pet the proper care it needs that much easier in case of an emergency. 


Plan Ahead


It’s not only smart to plan for the pet essentials that you’ll need to bring with you, but doing some research in regard to other aspects of the trip is a good idea, too. 


  • Many airlines have specific travel guidelines for pets, so check before booking. 
  • Some hotels only allow certain breeds, and others are strictly no pets allowed.
  • Make a note of the closest veterinary hospital near you in case of emergency. 

Of course, one of the best parts of traveling – with or without a pet – is coming back to a home you love. Reach out to the Crosswinds team to learn more about our available inventory of homes.