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Amazon Leasing Space in Kyle

What do Buda, Pflugerville, and Round Rock have in common? They’re part of Amazon’s growth in Central Texas. And Kyle is the latest addition to Amazon businesses in Texas. Amazon is attracted to these central Texas cities for their young populations. They want to build where they know these populations will keep the company busy for a long time.

Amazon in Kyle

The city of Kyle has announced Amazon is leasing a facility in Kyle Crossing Business Park. The 307,840 square-foot facility will be a sortation center that houses more than 200 people.

The 40-acre business park is located west of Interstate 35 and 20 miles south of Austin. A sortation center is where employees organize all the boxes by the final destination. They consolidate these orders on trucks to speed delivery.

Amazon’s Order Fulfillment Process

Amazon describes how an item you order makes its way to you. It starts with filling the order at a fulfillment center like the one in Pflugerville that will support 1,000 jobs. Once your product gets picked, it lands on a conveyor for packing.

While traveling on the conveyor, a computer scans and tracks its status and weighs the packed box. After receiving a label, the box goes to a waiting trailer based on the shipping method, delivery speed, and location.

An Amazon trailer truck transports orders from fulfillment centers to sortation centers like the one coming to Kyle. These trucks can hold more than 2,000 boxes. Associates will distribute the package by location and delivery speed.

At this point, the package could land on another truck or an airplane. Eventually, the boxes make their way to a delivery station like the ones in Round Rock and Buda. From here, they’ll go out for delivery. The Round Rock location could potentially employ 700 to 900 associates. Kyle residents are excited to welcome Amazon!

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Geocaching in Kyle: Go on a Treasure Hunt

Want to get outside and discover new places around Kyle? You can do that by going on a geocaching adventure! It’s fun for the whole family and you may uncover places you never knew existed in your community. Geocaching regulars say they love it because they experience moments of serenity and have stories to tell.

With more than three million geocaches hidden all over the world, you’re bound to find them in your backyard and on your travels.

What Is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a GPS-based treasure hunt game that’s open to everyone all over the world. The purpose is to hide and find hidden geocache with a global positioning system (GPS). It’s a handheld radio-based navigation system. Most people use a phone app for the GPS to look up a location’s longitude and latitude address with coordinates.

Hiders place a container with an object hidden inside. This is called a cache. The hider provides the item’s coordinates. Although it sounds simple, some are harder than others to find. GPS can get you within 40 feet of the hidden cache. The rest is up to the seeker to find. And that’s the fun part.

Some people prefer to hide caches. They want to see how long it takes people to find it. For both hider and seeker, it’s a great way to improve your navigation skills. One tip is to bring a compass in case a phone loses its signal.

If you have a child who is in Scouting, it’s possible to earn a badge. Girl Scouts offers a Geocacher badge. For Cub Scouts, Cub Scout Ideas has a useful geocaching guide. A Geocaching merit badge is available for BSA Scouts.

How to Get Started Geocaching in Kyle

To start geocaching, all you need is a cell phone loaded with the official Geocaching app and a pen. The app is free to use. It does contain premium features, but they’re not required to enjoy geocaching. After you create an account on the app or at www.geocaching.com, you’ll view a map of geocaches near you. The app will help you navigate.

After you spot the geocache, sign and date the logbook. Return the geocache to its hiding spot for others to find. Be sure to share your experience online too.

To help you #ExploreKyle, pick up the passport from the Kyle Chamber of Commerce’s Kyle Texas GeoTour. You’ll use it to log your caches. In the Geocaching app, search for “Kyle Texas GeoTour” and select a geocache to start your search. The first 250 people who reach 25 points are eligible to receive a trackable geocoin.

Good luck in your geocache hunt and enjoy exploring Kyle!

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Kyle Railroad Depot and Heritage Center

The restored Kyle Railroad Depot and Heritage Center (100 W. Center St., Kyle, TX 78640) makes it home in a building constructed in 1917. As soon as you walk in, you’ll feel like you’ve traveled back in time to the depot’s heyday.

Inside, you’ll find two waiting rooms with period furnishings and a documentary on the founding of Kyle. The station master’s office contains an audio loop with the sounds of a train station from its golden days.

You’ll also hear announcements and sounds of trains boarding and arriving, calling for passengers, and telegraphs being sent and received.

Take a Trip Through Kyle’s Past

Sadly, many communities have lost their depots. Kyle is grateful to retain this link to its past. The center’s restoration is the result of private donations and grants. Kyle voters also passed a bond to budget $250,000 for the renovation.

The Hays County Historical Commission welcomes visitors to the depot on Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm or by appointment. Admission is free. Watch the City of Kyle’s website for special events held at the depot.

Walking through the depot, you’ll learn about the economic, social, racial, and logistical impact of the railroad. At some point, it will have a restored caboose added to its collection.

A Photo Is Worth a Thousand Words

Be sure to stop by the Kyle Railroad Depot and Heritage Center Facebook page to see breathtaking photos of trains. One intriguing photo shared shows a train wreck near Lufkin, Texas in 1893. It’s a fascinating photo with two dressed up ladies on the left, a heavily bearded man in the middle, and the reactions of everyone on or beside the train.

It’s clear the train is wrecked. Yet, males and females stand or sit on top of the train. Look closer and you’ll see a dog resting on the train. It turns out staging wrecks was a pastime from the late 1890s until the 1930s according to an Atlas Obscura story.

Do you know the names of the parts of a switch on a railroad? A photo on the Facebook page shows you where the frog point rails are as well as the frog, point of the frog, heal, switch road, and more.

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How to Find a Home That You Love

Everyone has their idea of a dream home. So many factors go into building a new home including the little things people don’t think about: Lighting, faucets, handles, mirrors, and more. The best thing to do to find a home that you love is to know there is no such thing as a perfect home. Don’t fret. You will find a wonderful home that you enjoy.

Factors to Consider in Finding the Right Home

When you accept there’s no perfect home, it takes the pressure off. You spend more time focusing on the things most important to you. The three biggest factors in choosing a home are price, size, and location. It’s possible you can get two out of three.

For example, you’re searching for a house with a price range in mind. You identify a couple of great options in size and location. The problem is they’re over your price. In this scenario, you can look for a smaller home in your price range or explore homes further away from your ideal location.

Remember, the one thing you can’t change about a home is the location. You can always change the décor and possibly the size. It depends on your lot and your neighborhood.

Consider these new homes in Kyle as you have a good chance of satisfying all three of your requirements. The homes range from 1,300 sq. ft. to 3,300 sq. ft. The pricing is just right when you compare it to the price of homes in Austin and other areas. And Kyle is only 15 miles from South Austin and San Marcos.

On top of all this, many of the floor plans come with structural upgrades and multiple exterior styles to increase the chance of choosing the right home for you. Many homeowners are discovering their current homes don’t work in the new environment. As people stay home more and switch to remote working, their floor plan requirements are changing.

While the stay-at-home recommendation won’t be permanent, many organizations plan to make remote working a mainstay. A household with two remote workers may need two separate studies. Or at least, a way to redesign a study to suit two workers.

Explore the Possibilities with Flexible Floor Plans

With parents working at home more, the kids need to find ways to entertain themselves. This may call for a larger fenced-in backyard with a covered patio. Perhaps, a game or a media room. For instance, Highland Homes’ Fairhall plan can convert a lifestyle room into a flexible general suite. This would provide more privacy when used as a second study.

The Faber plan from Pacesetter Homes has an option for a media room or two game rooms for one of the bedrooms. The plan has something you may not have seen. That’s a 2 1/2-car garage. This gives you the space to hold two vehicles and have room in the garage for a workshop and other stations.

A home in the works that will be ready in September is based on the Premiere Series — Hickory. This new floor plan from Gehan Homes features a two-story family room that will give the family more space to play. The kitchen contains a pocket office that makes a good space to work for a short time. The second bedroom by the foyer can turn into a study. Another option is to add the optional desk in Bedroom No. 5. The floor plan has a lot of flexibility to create a home that fits your lifestyle.

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Keep It Kyle: Unchartered Adventures

Running out of ideas of new things to do in Kyle? You’ll find not one but multiple activities at Unchartered Adventures. Formerly known as 512 Rage Room, Unchartered Adventures calls itself untraditional entertainment. It wants to give you a place to relax and unwind with unforgettable experiences.

The cool thing about this place is they recycle many items that would otherwise end up in the landfill. They either use or donate the found items. They recycle construction material for axe throwing. Junk cars and salvaged objects from demolitions jobs will get a new lease on life in the zombie tactical experience or the base at the dog park.

Smash Rooms

Unchartered Adventure offers the only smash room aka rage room experience in the Austin and San Antonio area. It’s your opportunity to destroy random items in a safely controlled environment. Bad day at work? Come smash things. Celebrating graduation? Come smash things. People even hold divorce parties in the rage room.

You’ll be armed with a helmet with a face shield, gloves, and coveralls. Step two is easy. Just smash anything and everything. You can even add a GoPro to record your session. Anyone ages 10 and up can bang around as long as a parent or guardian signs a waiver for minors. The smash rooms also offer splatter paint with no age limitations.

Axe Throwing

What’s more relaxing than throwing an axe at a target in hopes of landing on the bull’s eye? Bring three of your friends and enjoy an hour of axe throwing. You’ll learn how to safely handle and chuck the axe. And then you’ll have an axellent time! This station is for adults only.

Interactive Dog Park

Looking for someplace to take your fur baby? Coming soon is a half-acre dog park. It’ll be a great place to bring your dog, relax, and drink a cold and refreshing brew. You’ll be able to listen to live music and look at the stars. The park will contain immersive stations around the perimeter. It’s a great opportunity to dress your dog up to match the different themed scenes and take pictures.

Keep visiting the website. They plan to add a Zombie Tactical Experience and sand volleyball.

Per the Hays County ordinance starting 06/22/20, all customers and employees must wear masks until the order expires.

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Where to Celebrate 4th of July Near Kyle, TX

Many of us are looking forward to the 4th of July this year. It’s a chance to get out and enjoy fireworks and live music. Here’s where to go to celebrate the birth of America.

City of Kyle Independence Day Celebration

The City of Kyle will celebrate the 4th of July with fireworks launched from Plum Creek Golf Course. The show starts around 9 pm and runs for 20 to 30 minutes. For that perfect viewing spot, head someplace where you can see the tall water tower next to Hays CISD PAC on Kohler’s Crossing. The safest location to park is on the paved parking lots around Kohler’s and Kyle Parkway.

If Mother Nature decides to put a damper on the fireworks, the make-up will be on July 5th. Same time. Same place. Viewing is not allowed at the Plum Creek Golf Course this year.

Red, White, and Buda

Due to COVID-19 concerns, Buda is doing things a little differently this year for Red, White, and Buda. They will have a fireworks show. In fact, they’re having TWO shows! Fireworks will be launched from Buda Sportsplex and City Park on July 4th between 9:15 pm and 9:30 pm.

For your safety and to ensure social distancing, there will be no parking available to view the fireworks at these locations. City Park and Buda Sportsplex will be closed to the public. The city encourages you to watch the fireworks from home or from a safe location where social distancing is observed. Watch for updates on the City of Buda’s Website or Facebook page.

Jaws at the Drive-in

Blue Starlite Drive-in Austin and Round Rock will air one of the most iconic American movies on 4th of July. Directed by Steven Spielberg, this classic tells the story of a great white that terrorizes beachgoers. Can the oceanographer and salty old shark hunter track this monster down?

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Find a New Home in Kyle, Texas This Summer

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to browse new homes in Kyle, now’s the time. The hottest time of the year to find a home is during literally the hottest time of the year, which is in the summertime before school starts. Shopping now offers advantages for home shoppers. For one, rates are lower.

Another reason is that you’ll have a large inventory from which to choose. This improves your chance of discovering a home and community that meet your requirements. One you want to add to your list is Crosswinds master-planned community. It captures the area’s natural beauty and it’s just 20 miles south of Austin.

Here are some of the homes available.

Gehan Homes

Although new to the community, Gehan has been building homes for 25 years. They’ve garnered awards for their design, floor plans, and customer service.

277 Spinnaker Loop

  • Available now
  • Chestnut plan
  • 1,760 square feet
  • 1 story
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • $279,990

Check out the floor plan to see what the Chestnut floor plan looks and feels like. Featured options include front extension and master shower.

Pacesetter Homes

QUALICO’s Pacesetter Homes has built homes in the Texas Hill Country since 2007. Builder Magazine has recognized Pacesetter Homes as one of the top 10 fastest growing homebuilding companies in the U.S. Only four homes are available for quick move-in, so check them out before they’re snapped up.

298 Tailwind Dr.

  • Available now
  • 1,705 square feet
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • $289,900

A former model show home, this one-story home comes loaded with upgrades beginning with maple wood floors. Because it’s a model home, it has more landscaping to brighten the front. Cream shaker cabinetry in the kitchen with crown molding gives it a bright and clean look that meshes well with the countertops. You’ll also appreciate having an extra-long driveway and enjoy many nights in the backyard pergola.

Highland Homes

Since 1985, Highland Homes has been welcoming Texas families to their beautiful, high-quality homes. The cool thing is that employees own 100% of the company. Everyone you meet there is an owner. This motivates them to make sure you’re very happy with your home.

762 Spinnaker Loop


  • Available now
  • 2,279 square feet
  • 4 bedrooms
  • 3 bathrooms
  • $339,477

Take a virtual tour of this home to experience it for yourself. The entire home contains wood-style floors. No worries about carpet stains. And though it’s one story, it has a three-car garage.

If you’re looking to build, Highland Homes offers a choice of 50-foot lots with 24 floorplans and 60-foot lots with 23 floorplans.

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Kyle Library Offerings

If you love libraries as much as we do, you’re going to love Kyle Library. Residents can do much more than borrow books. As a Kyle resident, you have access to audiobooks, magazines, and DVDs. You can search the catalog as well as reserve and renew books from its website. This barely scratches the surface of the library’s offerings. Here’s what you can do with your Kyle Library card.

TexShare Databases

The TexShare Databases give you access to an extensive collection of articles from more than 27,000 journals, 171,000 ebooks, and 15 million images, videos, and interactive resources. These resources include business, career and job skills, education, genealogy, history, health and medicine, and do-it-yourself.

It’s also a useful resource for homework help. Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) administers the resource sharing program.

Computer and Business Services

The library has free wi-fi and you can log into its computers with your library card. Computer and Business Services consist of printing and copying documents, sending and receiving a fax, and scanning documents. Some services come with a low fee.

The Computer Skills Center can take you through the computer and internet basics. It offers video courses for Microsoft software, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop.

Events and Programming

The library calendar contains a variety of programs and events for all ages. Currently, the library has a Digital Summer Reading program with digital storytimes, online performances, and reading incentives. They have Dungeons and Dragons, Lego Club, Kyle Writers Group, and more.


Explore your family history with Ancestry.com. Next time you visit the library, log into the genealogy website to browse indexes to birth, death, and marriage records, immigration, passenger lists, and naturalization records.

Little Free Libraries

Finished a book you own? Consider dropping it off at one of Kyle’s Little Free Libraries. If you find an interesting book, go on and take it.

Kyle Library Thrift Shop

Operated by the Friends of the Kyle Public Library, the Kyle Library Thrift Shop is a resale shop on Lockhart Street. Funds from the shop support the library. Visit its page for the latest news.

The library is always adding new programs. Check out the website or follow Kyle Library’s Facebook page.

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Amenities Design Lifestyle

What Real Estate Agents Say About This Kyle Community

Searching for a master-planned community near Austin that’s amazing, affordable, and filled with amenities? Discover Crosswinds and its idyllic setting near major thoroughfares. When you live in Crosswinds, you’re just 20 miles from Austin City Limits.

This exciting Kyle community showcases master-planned amenities including the Windy Point Amenity Center, which features a resort-style pool and splash pad, shading with seating, gathering area around the fireplace, BBQ grills and picnic benches, and playground equipment.

Outdoor lovers and exercisers will have access to many community trails and sidewalks. The area contains plenty of open spaces for flying kites and playing soccer. A dog park and playing fields are in the works.

We admit it. We’re a tad biased. So, check out what real estate agents say about Crosswinds in Kyle, Texas.

Atoosa Ponsford, RE/MAX Posh Properties

Atoosa learned about Crosswinds from friends and families. She checked out the community and the first thing people talk about are the affordable homes. “Anyone we talk to in Crosswinds, they are always so cheerful, so happy, they just love the community, so that makes my clients feel like this can be their future home,” she says.

Linda Villanueva, Coldwell Banker Realty

According to Linda, Kyle is a growing community, which makes it a valuable investment for first-home and move-up buyers. When she thinks of the high quality of homes and value for your investment, Crosswinds is one of the first communities that comes to her mind.

Briana Farris, Keller Williams Realty

Briana’s favorite thing about the beautiful Crosswinds community is the amenities it offers. This includes the Windy Point Amenity Center with a pool and splash area as well as park areas and nature trails. Moreover, the community features three award-winning builders with a variety of floorplans.

Brittney Heffernan, David Brodsky Properties

The location, the layout of the community, the builder selection, and community events makes Crosswinds one of Brittney’s favorite communities in the Kyle and Buda area. The location makes it easy to access the different areas of Austin. She also says Crosswinds’ builder and developer partnership is perfect.

Crosswinds in Kyle offers easy access to employment and endless getaway possibilities around the Texas Hill Country. “So, if you’re looking for a place to call home, make it Crosswinds,” says Brandon Holley, a real estate agent with Superior Town and Country Realty. “The decision should be easy as pie.”

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Drive-in Theater in Kyle, Texas

Whoever thought drive-in movies would make a comeback? And it’s right in Kyle! EVO is living up to its tagline of being the EVOlution of entertainment. It has evolved the movie theater by moving it from inside to outside with the EVO Drive-In Experience.

About EVO Drive-in Experience

The drive-in is so popular that tickets sell out quickly. Be sure you sign up to receive an email alert when tickets become available. You have a choice in more than one drive-in. EVO San Marcos is only 10 miles from Kyle. If you’d like to go a little further, Schertz is about 45 minutes away.

If you’d like to enjoy the fresh air, bring lawn chairs. You can sit outside your vehicle as long as you stay within your space and respect social distancing.

The drive-in films take place on the exterior wall of the EVO building. It contains a high-grain white paint to enhance visibility. Movie-goers listen to the sound via the AM/FM radio in their vehicles.

Before You Go

Check the “What’s Playing” page for showtimes and to order your tickets. EVO’s movie selection contains a nice variety that includes comedy, musicals, horror, and action. The movies can be classics or as recent as 2019. They have a late-night side-show in which they run R-rated movies at 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

EVO has thought of everything. If you want to order food and pay for it, just use the mobile app. The entire process is contactless. You won’t have to worry about cash payments. Runners wear masks and nitrile gloves when delivering your order.

EVO shares its relaunch plans, so you know how they’re adapting to the changes to serve you. They’re still providing curbside and home delivery via EVO Market. You can shop for pre-built meal kits for pizza, breakfast, grilling, dessert, or margaritas.

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