How to Find a Home That You Love

Everyone has their idea of a dream home. So many factors go into building a new home including the little things people don’t think about: Lighting, faucets, handles, mirrors, and more. The best thing to do to find a home that you love is to know there is no such thing as a perfect home. Don’t fret. You will find a wonderful home that you enjoy.

Factors to Consider in Finding the Right Home

When you accept there’s no perfect home, it takes the pressure off. You spend more time focusing on the things most important to you. The three biggest factors in choosing a home are price, size, and location. It’s possible you can get two out of three.

For example, you’re searching for a house with a price range in mind. You identify a couple of great options in size and location. The problem is they’re over your price. In this scenario, you can look for a smaller home in your price range or explore homes further away from your ideal location.

Remember, the one thing you can’t change about a home is the location. You can always change the décor and possibly the size. It depends on your lot and your neighborhood.

Consider these new homes in Kyle as you have a good chance of satisfying all three of your requirements. The homes range from 1,300 sq. ft. to 3,300 sq. ft. The pricing is just right when you compare it to the price of homes in Austin and other areas. And Kyle is only 15 miles from South Austin and San Marcos.

On top of all this, many of the floor plans come with structural upgrades and multiple exterior styles to increase the chance of choosing the right home for you. Many homeowners are discovering their current homes don’t work in the new environment. As people stay home more and switch to remote working, their floor plan requirements are changing.

While the stay-at-home recommendation won’t be permanent, many organizations plan to make remote working a mainstay. A household with two remote workers may need two separate studies. Or at least, a way to redesign a study to suit two workers.

Explore the Possibilities with Flexible Floor Plans

With parents working at home more, the kids need to find ways to entertain themselves. This may call for a larger fenced-in backyard with a covered patio. Perhaps, a game or a media room. For instance, Highland Homes’ Fairhall plan can convert a lifestyle room into a flexible general suite. This would provide more privacy when used as a second study.

The Faber plan from Pacesetter Homes has an option for a media room or two game rooms for one of the bedrooms. The plan has something you may not have seen. That’s a 2 1/2-car garage. This gives you the space to hold two vehicles and have room in the garage for a workshop and other stations.

A home in the works that will be ready in September is based on the Premiere Series — Hickory. This new floor plan from Gehan Homes features a two-story family room that will give the family more space to play. The kitchen contains a pocket office that makes a good space to work for a short time. The second bedroom by the foyer can turn into a study. Another option is to add the optional desk in Bedroom No. 5. The floor plan has a lot of flexibility to create a home that fits your lifestyle.

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