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Amazon Leasing Space in Kyle

What do Buda, Pflugerville, and Round Rock have in common? They’re part of Amazon’s growth in Central Texas. And Kyle is the latest addition to Amazon businesses in Texas. Amazon is attracted to these central Texas cities for their young populations. They want to build where they know these populations will keep the company busy for a long time.

Amazon in Kyle

The city of Kyle has announced Amazon is leasing a facility in Kyle Crossing Business Park. The 307,840 square-foot facility will be a sortation center that houses more than 200 people.

The 40-acre business park is located west of Interstate 35 and 20 miles south of Austin. A sortation center is where employees organize all the boxes by the final destination. They consolidate these orders on trucks to speed delivery.

Amazon’s Order Fulfillment Process

Amazon describes how an item you order makes its way to you. It starts with filling the order at a fulfillment center like the one in Pflugerville that will support 1,000 jobs. Once your product gets picked, it lands on a conveyor for packing.

While traveling on the conveyor, a computer scans and tracks its status and weighs the packed box. After receiving a label, the box goes to a waiting trailer based on the shipping method, delivery speed, and location.

An Amazon trailer truck transports orders from fulfillment centers to sortation centers like the one coming to Kyle. These trucks can hold more than 2,000 boxes. Associates will distribute the package by location and delivery speed.

At this point, the package could land on another truck or an airplane. Eventually, the boxes make their way to a delivery station like the ones in Round Rock and Buda. From here, they’ll go out for delivery. The Round Rock location could potentially employ 700 to 900 associates. Kyle residents are excited to welcome Amazon!

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