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Geocaching in Kyle: Go on a Treasure Hunt

Want to get outside and discover new places around Kyle? You can do that by going on a geocaching adventure! It’s fun for the whole family and you may uncover places you never knew existed in your community. Geocaching regulars say they love it because they experience moments of serenity and have stories to tell.

With more than three million geocaches hidden all over the world, you’re bound to find them in your backyard and on your travels.

What Is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a GPS-based treasure hunt game that’s open to everyone all over the world. The purpose is to hide and find hidden geocache with a global positioning system (GPS). It’s a handheld radio-based navigation system. Most people use a phone app for the GPS to look up a location’s longitude and latitude address with coordinates.

Hiders place a container with an object hidden inside. This is called a cache. The hider provides the item’s coordinates. Although it sounds simple, some are harder than others to find. GPS can get you within 40 feet of the hidden cache. The rest is up to the seeker to find. And that’s the fun part.

Some people prefer to hide caches. They want to see how long it takes people to find it. For both hider and seeker, it’s a great way to improve your navigation skills. One tip is to bring a compass in case a phone loses its signal.

If you have a child who is in Scouting, it’s possible to earn a badge. Girl Scouts offers a Geocacher badge. For Cub Scouts, Cub Scout Ideas has a useful geocaching guide. A Geocaching merit badge is available for BSA Scouts.

How to Get Started Geocaching in Kyle

To start geocaching, all you need is a cell phone loaded with the official Geocaching app and a pen. The app is free to use. It does contain premium features, but they’re not required to enjoy geocaching. After you create an account on the app or at www.geocaching.com, you’ll view a map of geocaches near you. The app will help you navigate.

After you spot the geocache, sign and date the logbook. Return the geocache to its hiding spot for others to find. Be sure to share your experience online too.

To help you #ExploreKyle, pick up the passport from the Kyle Chamber of Commerce’s Kyle Texas GeoTour. You’ll use it to log your caches. In the Geocaching app, search for “Kyle Texas GeoTour” and select a geocache to start your search. The first 250 people who reach 25 points are eligible to receive a trackable geocoin.

Good luck in your geocache hunt and enjoy exploring Kyle!

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