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Tips to Prepare for School Starting

While the temperatures outside are still blazing hot, there’s no denying that summer vacation is winding down. Because it’s important that both kids and parents start the school year off on the right foot, here are a few tips to put into action before that first school bell of the year rings. 


Shop Smart


If your children’s school hasn’t already sent out a reminder that the new school year is approaching, then advertisements for back-to-school sales should be a tip-off. 


A 2022 survey found that families were estimated to spend around $864 on average on back-to-school supplies. All those new school uniforms, backpacks, and pencils (kids still use those, right?) can really add up, so it’s important to shop smart. 


  • Take advantage of discounts. Some clothing stores offer student discounts, and others will offer coupon codes if you sign up for their email list.
  • Look for refurbished or used items when it comes to electronics, sports equipment, or textbooks.
  • Take advantage of Texas’ sales tax holiday (Aug 11 -13)
  • Shop early to have the most options.


Readjust Schedules for School


While one of the perks of summer for many parents and kids is sleeping in, that pretty much comes to a screeching halt once the school year starts. Getting back on schedule might take a little getting used to, so it’s best to start a week in advance. 


  • Move bedtimes up by 15 to 30 minutes each day until kids are back at their school bedtime.
  • Scale back screen time and replace it with a book before bed.
  • Ease into a routine with mealtimes that work with school schedules.


Set Learning Goals


Back-to-school is a natural opportunity for your child to set goals for the new school year. This can help students succeed in school and also help them develop the critical life skill of goal-setting. 


To help set goals for the upcoming school year, parents and children should sit down and talk about any struggles from the previous year that may need more attention. It’s important that kids don’t feel like only their weaknesses are being focused on, however, and parents should also ask them about their favorite subject and any new skills related to it they’re excited about learning. 


Schedule Annual Doctor’s Appointments


The schedules at doctors’ offices can fill up incredibly quickly this time of year, so the sooner you can get an appointment on the books for your child, the better. 


During this annual visit, pediatricians will do hearing and vision checkups and administer any school-required immunizations. And if your child will be playing sports, it’s a good idea to check with your school regarding any required participation exam and bring up any concerns with your doctor at the appointment. 


While the start of a new school year can come with a little bit of anxiety for both students and parents, a little bit of prep work ahead of time can help to smooth the transition for everyone. 

To learn more about the Hays Consolidated Independent School District that serves families in the Crosswinds community, contact us today.


Six Tips to Get Ready for Back to School in Kyle, Texas

Parents and guardians of students attending Hays Consolidated Independent School District (HCISD) will be celebrating on August 15 when school starts. No doubt, they will be a few sleepy kids dragging after changing their sleeping schedule for the summer.

Whether or not your family is excited about school, it’s always hard to change your routine and leave the dog days of summer behind. You can ease the transition and avoid scrambling at the last minute with these six tips.

  1. Check registration and related paperwork

You may already have already completed the required school district paperwork. The due dates vary based on district and schools. Ensure you register your child or contact the school.

Visit Hays CISD’s registration page for information about registration for new and returning students. Like most schools, HCISD requires proof of address, immunization records, and other documents.

If your student has medical needs, then contact the school nurse to ask about the process to make sure the child can receive treatment or medicine at school.

  1. Access online accounts

HCISD requires parents and guardians to register for the school year online as covered in No. 1. The district has a parent self-serve portal (PSS) for checking the student’s academics, contact information, attendance, and transportation information.

You can also sign up to receive notifications about missing assignments or absences and alerts from the principal, school, and district. Verify you can access your account and that all the information is current.

  1. Update your calendar

Review the Hays CISD calendar, so you can enter all the important dates into yours. If you haven’t already, you might create a family calendar that everyone can see every day. Better yet, set up a private online calendar that everyone in the family can access on their devices and computers.

  1. Pick up school supplies

If you haven’t shopped for supplies yet, you’re in luck! Texas Tax-Free Weekend is August 9 – 11. And many retailers hold sales on clothes and school supplies before, during, and after tax-free weekend. You might find more savings opportunities online at RetailMeNot, Rakuten (formerly Ebates), and Honey.

Some schools and PTAs sell school supplies where you just pay one fee for the entire packet. This can be cheaper than shopping because they get bulk discounts. Treat your kids to one cool or colorful school item of their choice to get them excited about school.

  1. Kick-start bedtime routines

The fact is that kids’ sleeping schedules fall off track in the summer. It takes three weeks to create a new habit. The first day of school will go better if students start their school bedtime routine at least a week before school starts.

Start small. Put them to bed 15 minutes earlier for a few days. Then move it back another 15 minutes until they return to their school bedtime. Do the same with wake-up time. Wake them 15 minutes earlier for a few days and so on.

  1. Designate a study space

Creating a study area to help the kids make it a habit to study in that area without any distractions. Stock the space with pens, pencils, crayons, markers, scissors, and other supplies. This prevents “I don’t have what I need” syndrome.

About Hays CISD for Kyle, Texas Residents

Students living in the Crosswinds community attend the following Hays CISD exemplary schools:

The district serves 18,000 students on 22 campuses. Residents have excellent post-secondary options in Austin Community College and its nearby ACC Hays Campus, Texas State University, University of Texas at Austin, St. Edwards University, Hutson-Tillotson University, San Antonio College, Trinity University, and University of Texas at San Antonio.

Be sure to take pictures on the first day of school. It’s amazing how much kids grow in a school year when you compare the first day and last day pictures. If you follow these tips, you’ll have a great first day of school in the growing Hays ISD in Kyle!

Area Attractions Events Family Fun

Kyle Market Days Second Saturday

One of the most fun events in Kyle that everyone enjoys is Kyle Market Days. It runs on the first Saturday of the month from April through October. What can you do there? You can browse local vendors, catch live music, discover farm to market items, fill up on delicious food, and do arts and crafts.

To get there, just head for the “Shady Oak Trees” of the historic Mary Kyle Hartson City Square Park between Center St., Main St., Miller St., and Burleson Rd. The address is 700 Lehman Rd, Kyle, Texas 78640. Like most of Kyle, it’s just a short 10 minute drive from Crosswinds.

family events in kyle, new homes in kyle

About Kyle Market Days

It starts at 9 am and ends at various times, so visit the Kyle Market Days web page for current information. The next one is on July 13 from 9 am to 1 pm.

Every month, live local musicians perform music in the gazebo. July showcases Silver Mine String Band from Oak Hill. Also, each event presents a different theme and partnership.

July’s partner is Hope and Love 4 Kids. This Kyle-based nonprofit helps low-income families and children with special needs. They provide them with the basic necessities, comfort them in times of need, and uplift them through service and outreach.

One of the things they do is to collect school supplies to donate to these families. The theme for July is “Back to School Supply Drive.” Donate school supplies to help Hope and Love 4 Kids in their mission to support these families.

Upcoming Kyle Market Days

Here are the upcoming dates and themes for Kyle Market Days.

Date Time Theme
Aug 10, 2019 9 am – 1 pm Kyle Police Department “Back to School Safety Fair.
Sep 14, 2019 9 am – 2 pm Lehman Lobo Band Booster Club
Oct 12, 2019 9 am – 7 pm “Squeeze Me on the Square” Music Fest featuring Tejano, Czech, German, Zydeco, Polka, Conjunto and Cajun music all prominently featuring an accordion, or squeeze-box.
Apr 11, 2020 9 am – 2 pm TBD
May 9, 2020 9 am – 7 pm Featuring “Squeeze Me on the Square” Music Fest.
June 13, 2020 9 am – 2 pm TBD
July 11, 2020 9 am – 1 pm TBD
Aug 8, 2020 9 am – 1 pm TBD
Sep 12, 2020 9 am – 2 pm TBD


If you’re looking for new homes in Kyle, explore the master-planned community Crosswinds. Residents savor the natural beauty of the prairies while providing families with a place where they can connect with others.