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Tips for a Pet-Friendly Neighborhood

People love their pets. Around 62% of American households own a pet, and every pet owner wants to feel like they live in a neighborhood that is welcoming to pets. So, what does a pet-friendly neighborhood look like?


In short, it’s a neighborhood where pet owners are respectful of each other and their four-legged companions. Here are a few tips on how to create a pet-friendly community. 


Clean Up After Pets


Cleaning up after yourself is a pillar of being a good citizen, and this extends to being a good pet owner as well. When taking your dog out for a walk, be sure to bring along a few poop bags to clean up after your pooch uses the bathroom. Don’t leave the baggie on the sidewalk – always throw it away in a trash can. 


Use a Leash During Walks


Your dog may love to run free, but running free throughout the neighborhood is a recipe for disaster. Your pet could get hit by a car, get lost, frighten a small child, or get into a fight with another dog that may feel the need to protect its owner. 


Even if your dog wouldn’t hurt a fly, keeping your dog on a leash during walks shows that you prioritize your pet’s safety and respect the boundaries of your neighbors. 


Utilize Pet-Friendly Amenities


In addition to several trails that are great for leashed walks with your pet, Crosswinds has a dog park that residents are encouraged to take advantage of. The dog park gives pups a chance to burn off some energy and meet the other dogs in their community. Just be sure to follow dog park etiquette with your pup, such as cleaning up after them and monitoring any rough behavior. 


Be Considerate of Neighbors


While many people love pets, some people just aren’t pet people – and that’s okay. A pet-friendly neighborhood is one where pet owners are respectful of their neighbors. This means taking steps to correct unflattering behaviors like excessive barking and ensuring that your pet doesn’t infringe on the property of other residents. While your pup may love to dig in the dirt, digging up flowerbeds likely won’t endear them to the neighbors.


Keep Your Pet Safe


One of the best things a pet owner can do to create a pet-friendly neighborhood is to take the proper steps to ensure their pet’s safety. This includes things like making sure your pet (both cats and dogs) has a collar with their owner’s contact information and is vaccinated and microchipped. 


Pet owners should also know their pet’s limitations and take those into consideration during walks or at the dog park. Dogs that are in heat should never be taken to the dog park, and older dogs or pets that have an aggressive streak should be closely monitored by their owners. 

One of the best ways to ensure a pet-friendly neighborhood is to simply talk with other pet owners in your community. Crosswinds was designed to encourage neighbors to gather and get to know one another and has many amenities that appeal to pet owners. Reach out to us to learn more.