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Fall Fitness

Adding exercise to your routine has incredible benefits. It reduces risks for various health issues. It makes us feel better. It maintains weight and helps to boost energy.


Of course, the Texas summer heat can really zap energy fast, and the winter weather can limit the number of outdoor exercise activities. Fall, on the other hand, is nearly perfect for making the most of getting some exercise outdoors (and indoors on those rainy days).


If you’re looking to build a fitness routine or reinvigorate your current routine, here are some ideas to make the most of fall fitness.


Try a New Class


There’s no shortage of classes and gyms in Kyle and the greater Austin area. If you’re burnt out on your current fitness routine, try something new. Live Well Fitness offers an indoor/outdoor boot camp through the city’s website with a little bit of everything. Participants can expect to spend time running/power walking, weight training, traversing obstacle courses, and working on core training, as well as pilates-like and yoga-like exercises. 


Looking for something a bit more off the beaten path? Consider checking out the Crux Climbing Center. The climbing gym has two Austin locations and offers both classes and private lessons for interested climbers. 


Dojo Kyle is another great alternative for anyone looking for a new and challenging way to get in shape. The martial arts studio offers programs for both kids and adults, and the first round of classes is free. 


Make the Most of Community Amenities 


If you live in the Crosswinds community, you have trails practically right in your backyard. This trail system of both crushed granite and paved walking/biking trails weaves through the master-planned community, allowing residents to get in some exercise without having to ever leave the neighborhood. 


Residents also enjoy making the most of our amenities during the fall months when the Texas heat has finally died down. It’s not unusual to see people playing a game of one-on-one or doubles on our basketball and tennis courts or using our open play fields by kicking around a soccer ball or tossing a frisbee. 


Set Year-End Goals


People tend to look at setting fitness goals as something to be done at the beginning of the year. While there’s no wrong time to start your fitness journey, and joining a gym in the new year is great, why wait until a new calendar year? 


Embracing a fall fitness routine sets you on the path to ending the year feeling good about yourself, and you’ll already have a head start once January first rolls around. Plus, the fall weather is hands down always going to beat winter weather when it comes to exercise!

There are plenty of ways to get and stay in shape in Kyle this fall. If you’d like to learn more about finding a home in the Crosswinds community, contact us today.