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How to Get to Know your Neighbors

Becoming friends with your neighbors is one of the best things about living in a master-planned community. Great neighbors can keep an eye on your home and surroundings, they can lend a helping hand, and they can make community events so much more fun!

Whether you’ve never met the family next door, or you spend time with your neighbors daily, here are some tips to help you get connected to the people around your community!

  1. Connect with Your Neighborhood Online

It sounds like meeting neighbors online defeats the purpose, but it can be a powerful way to meet and cultivate your relationships with people in your community. Some neighborhoods meet on NextDoor or establish a private Facebook group where they can report problems, ask questions, notify items delivered to the wrong house, and lost pets. Many people also use it to ask for local vendor recommendations. 

Many master-planned communities also have a homeowner’s association (HOA). Sometimes they have a website, an email newsletter, or both. Depending on your community, a HOA often plans community resident events which is a great way to meet others in your community. Talk to your HOA to find out what resources they offer!

  1. Create a Social Committee

Some HOAs have a lifestyle director or a committee to oversee neighbor parties and gatherings. Neighborhoods may hold a variety of events that target different groups such as families, women only, kids, or adults only. If your neighborhood doesn’t have an organization that coordinates planning events, consider taking charge and creating one, or move to a community that already has lifestyle programming in place. Having resident events often leads to great friends, which would be a wonderful way to improve the quality of life for you and your family. 

  1. Provide a Neighborhood Directory

Before creating and distributing a neighborhood directory, send a survey to your residents. Give them the opportunity to share information for the direction and to give you permission for publishing their information. If you have a private Facebook page, you can upload the directory to the page for neighbors to access. Be sure to email it as not everyone may be active on Facebook or whatever social network you use.

As you collect information for the directory, add an item about babysitters, or similar services. Parents of young kids will appreciate having access to qualified babysitters right in their neighborhood. Add a question about pets’ names and descriptions as well as the names and ages of kids (if permitted to publish). If a pet without an ID tag ever gets lost, the neighbors can refer to the directory to see if they can identify the owner.

A good directory sorts the entries in two ways: alphabetically and by street address. This comes in handy because you may not know their name, but you know where they live. 

You may not be able to choose your neighbors, but you have many choices when it comes to where to live and what type of community you want to raise your family in. And you never know—your new neighbors could be your child’s best friends for life.

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Homeowner Tips Lifestyle

Should Seniors Buy a Newly Constructed Home or an Older Home?

The average retirement age is 62 according to an article from Experian quoting a Gallup 2021 survey. It’s a great age as seniors are vibrant and can still enjoy many activities. It’s also an exciting time because many decide to downsize their home as they may not need as much space.

But the question they’re asking themselves is whether to buy a newly constructed home or an older home? The benefits of a new home outweigh an older home. This is the time to enjoy life. While the benefits are many, here are the top four benefits of buying a new home.

  1. Customize Your Home Your Way

If the home hasn’t been built, you can work with the home builder to make changes to fit your preferences. If the home is being built, you can have a say in the materials, colors, and flooring. The more involved you are in making decisions to personalize your home, the fewer changes you’ll want to make. 

A used home may have a great floor plan, but some of the rooms have kitchen counters, colors, and flooring that may not be to your liking. This will add to the cost of the home.

  1. Ensure the Home Is Accessible

Many homes come with stairs including single-story homes. They may have steps on the porch or in the back of the house. It’s possible there may be steps from the garage to the house. You use your home every day and one or two steps can become a problem. 

If you have family members who use a wheelchair, you can make sure the home is built with wide doorways and low countertops. Very few older homes considered this in the design. Some may have a low ceiling and shower entry, which is a problem for taller people. 

  1. Enjoy Minimal Maintenance

An older home will have wear and tear that leads to problems. Appliances only last for so long. The water heater may be nearing the end of its life. If something happens, it will cost time and money to replace it. The same goes for the air conditioning and heating system. When you buy new, you won’t have to worry about problems for years.

  1. Benefit from Energy Efficient Features

Older homes have outdated features that may cause the heating and air conditioning system to be inefficient. This drives up energy costs. Newer thermostats allow you to program the heater or air conditioner to kick on or off at set times. 

The house can contain energy-efficient appliances to use less electricity. LED lighting lasts longer and uses less energy than older lights. All these steps will help keep your energy bill down. 

Seniors have worked hard and should relish every minute of their retirement. Buying a new home will make that possible.

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Crosswinds is an Official Sponsor of the 2017 Buda Wiener Dog Race

Crosswinds Kyle TX

Every year Buda, Texas, the unlikely Wiener Dog Capital of the Lone Star State, puts on their annual County Fair and Wiener Dog Races! This will be their 20th year and our master-planned community is a sponsor this year! Here are some of the things you can expect from this family fun event.

20th Annual Buda Wiener Dog Races

This great event is basically a weekend-long overload of adorable dogs, family fun, live music and more!

When: Saturday, April 29 – Sunday, April 30
Where: Buda City Park
What Time: Saturday – 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM & Sunday – 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM 

As for the actual races, you can register your wiener dog or mixed breed dachshund the day of the race or register online. The Central Texas Dachshund Rescue is hosting the event and Crosswinds in Kyle, TX is excited about being a sponsor this year.

Best Dressed Dog Contest

Just because your dog doesn’t have any dachshund in them, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring them along for all the fun! They don’t have to race, because they can still participate in the best-dressed dog contest as well as the opening pet parade!

If you want to win the best-dressed dog contest, we’d recommend making sure your pooch is all decked out from nose to tail. Throw on a little hat, maybe even some stylish shoes, and you’ll give the other dogs a run for their bones.

Food, Food and More Tasty Food

Finally, no great Texas festival would be complete without food! Not only will there be local vendors selling some tasty morsels, there will also be a bake-off, barbecue cook-off and chili cook-off. Don’t miss out on your chance to dig into some of the most delicious eats in the Hill Country.

Our new homes in Kyle, TX are just a short drive from Buda and all the fun events the city puts on. If you’d like to learn more about our master-planned community, contact Crosswinds today!


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