Ways to Stay in Shape This Summer

Getting in shape for the summer and staying fit all year long is easier than you might think… so long as you’re not afraid to sweat. Consider one of these options to burn some calories, tone up, and build some muscle just in time for the summer season. 


Join a Gym or Take a Fitness Class

Okay, so this might seem like an obvious choice, but hear us out. Joining a local gym is going to be one of your best strategies for getting in shape. For starters, there’s a gym out there for every fitness style from high-intensity workouts offered by Crossfit Hays to rowing and cardio classes offered by Orange Theory. If you’re looking for a variety of classes or simply want to exercise solo at your own pace, the Hays Community YMCA offers a range of membership plans.


Not only is joining a gym a great way to get in shape, but you can exercise regardless of the weather outside. Plus, air conditioning!


The City of Kyle also offers a range of fitness classes that residents can sign-up for depending on their interests. Classes include everything from pilates and yoga to bootcamp workouts and AquaFit exercise in the pool. Unlike a gym with monthly fees, most classes allow for drop-in attendance with a $10 fee per class. 


Get Outside

So maybe the gym isn’t your thing and you’re more of the outdoorsy type when it comes to staying in shape for summer. Kyle is fortunate to be home to an abundance of outdoor recreation that is perfect for getting in a thorough workout. 


If you’re into jogging or walking for exercise then lace up your sneakers and head to the Plum Creek Trail. With 8 miles of trails that wind through Kyle’s various parks, it’s a great way to get in some cardio. Cyclists will also enjoy the trail as it makes its way through many of the city’s neighborhoods and allows for a tour of Kyle while surrounded by natural beauty. 


Join a Rec League 

Summer recreation leagues can be a fantastic way to stay in shape for the summer. Not only are they often more casual than something like a Crossfit workout, but can be an ideal way to make new friends. 


Residents can sign up for Kyle’s Roller Hockey League and see if they have what it takes to take down 2021 league champions Floss N’ Sauce. The City of Kyle also offers an Adult Kickball League as well as an Adult Fishing Tournament. 


This really just scratches the surface of ways to get some exercise and stay in shape for the summer in Kyle. If you’d like to learn more about finding a home here, contact us today

Homeowner Tips Lifestyle

How to Get to Know your Neighbors

Becoming friends with your neighbors is one of the best things about living in a master-planned community. Great neighbors can keep an eye on your home and surroundings, they can lend a helping hand, and they can make community events so much more fun!

Whether you’ve never met the family next door, or you spend time with your neighbors daily, here are some tips to help you get connected to the people around your community!

  1. Connect with Your Neighborhood Online

It sounds like meeting neighbors online defeats the purpose, but it can be a powerful way to meet and cultivate your relationships with people in your community. Some neighborhoods meet on NextDoor or establish a private Facebook group where they can report problems, ask questions, notify items delivered to the wrong house, and lost pets. Many people also use it to ask for local vendor recommendations. 

Many master-planned communities also have a homeowner’s association (HOA). Sometimes they have a website, an email newsletter, or both. Depending on your community, a HOA often plans community resident events which is a great way to meet others in your community. Talk to your HOA to find out what resources they offer!

  1. Create a Social Committee

Some HOAs have a lifestyle director or a committee to oversee neighbor parties and gatherings. Neighborhoods may hold a variety of events that target different groups such as families, women only, kids, or adults only. If your neighborhood doesn’t have an organization that coordinates planning events, consider taking charge and creating one, or move to a community that already has lifestyle programming in place. Having resident events often leads to great friends, which would be a wonderful way to improve the quality of life for you and your family. 

  1. Provide a Neighborhood Directory

Before creating and distributing a neighborhood directory, send a survey to your residents. Give them the opportunity to share information for the direction and to give you permission for publishing their information. If you have a private Facebook page, you can upload the directory to the page for neighbors to access. Be sure to email it as not everyone may be active on Facebook or whatever social network you use.

As you collect information for the directory, add an item about babysitters, or similar services. Parents of young kids will appreciate having access to qualified babysitters right in their neighborhood. Add a question about pets’ names and descriptions as well as the names and ages of kids (if permitted to publish). If a pet without an ID tag ever gets lost, the neighbors can refer to the directory to see if they can identify the owner.

A good directory sorts the entries in two ways: alphabetically and by street address. This comes in handy because you may not know their name, but you know where they live. 

You may not be able to choose your neighbors, but you have many choices when it comes to where to live and what type of community you want to raise your family in. And you never know—your new neighbors could be your child’s best friends for life.

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Area Attractions

Kyle Local: Plum Creek Golf Course

Golfers love the Kyle and the Austin, Texas, area because the weather is great for golfing almost year-round. Kyle is fortunate to have a golf course with spectacular views at Plum Creek Golf Course (4301 Benner, Kyle, TX 78640). Here’s what you’ll want to know about the Kyle golf course.

About Plum Creek Golf Course

The designers created a championship golf course in which no two fairways touch. It gives you the experience of playing your own private golf course. All 18 holes take you through a setting that reflects what makes the Hill Country memorable with its rolling hills, live oaks, and sparkling lakes. Check out the images showing the golf course to see what each hole looks like.

The course underwent a major renovation in 2012 to add a practice facility that includes 3 acres of short-game scoring areas, an acre of practice tee surface, multiple chipping greens, bunkers, uneven lie practice areas, and target greens. You have a wealth of opportunities for improving your golf game. And plenty of golf instruction is available if you’d like a helping hand from a pro. 

If you need any golf supplies, accessories, or attire, the pro shop is stocked to the gills with everything you want to enjoy golfing. This facility is also the home of the Texas State Bobcat men’s and women’s golf teams.

Other Things to Do at Plum Creek Golf Course

There’s nothing like a delicious meal after playing 18 holes or practicing your swings. Just head right over to Glenn’s Bar and Grill restaurant on the course for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or drinks. It’s named for Glenn Evans who helped open Plum Creek Golf Course.

The restaurant underwent renovations in 2018 to add multiple beers on tap, more high-definition TVs, and brand-new furniture. Do you love to watch the big game on a big screen? Glenn’s has a 100″ projector that delivers an unbeatable game-viewing experience.

Have a celebration coming up? You can host an event, banquet, or wedding, at the facilities. The Plum Creek staff will take care of all the details including dining options. The facility is also accessible and they have rooms that can support 100 or 220 people, depending on the room you choose.

Visit the Plum Creek Golf Course Facebook page for upcoming events and updates.

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