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What You Need to Know About Kyle’s Transportation Plan

No doubt, Kyle has been growing like a weed in recent years. And exciting things are happening to ensure the city maintains the country-living lifestyle everyone loves. The city last updated its transportation plan in 2015. And now that plan needs to be updated to match Kyle’s extraordinary growth.

It’s standard for the city to update the plan every five years to ensure it reflects current needs and pace of growth.

What’s in the 2021 Transportation Master Plan

As a result, the city has approved a new map for the plan presented by a consulting company. The city contracted a consulting company to help with updating the plan and to do it quickly.

The new plan adds two I-35 crossings to enhance connectivity. One is planned for Kohlers Crossing and the other for RM 158. It also proposes sidewalks, trails, and several arterial roads with six, four, or two to three lanes.

The City of Kyle and the contractor are working to make sure they honor and respect the land and properties. You can view the Transportation Master Plan Update 2021 maps, presentations, and a video on the city’s website. You can also view the City of Kyle’s projects.

What the Mayor Says

“What scares me is not just the development, trucks and congestion that we have, it’s the fact that half our city or more is undeveloped land that’s currently in the process of being developed,” Mayor Travis Mitchell told San Marcos Record.

“I think about our residents and what’s in their longterm best interest. If you approve subdivisions but don’t approve roads, don’t plan for roads, don’t plan for connectivity, but allow the development to come, you end up like Austin. You end up like a city filled to the brim with congestion. The only way that I know to handle that responsibly is to be as proactive and forward-thinking as you possibly can.”

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