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Costco Comes to Kyle

In partnership with Hays County, the City of Kyle and Kyle Economic Development have announced Costco will be coming to Kyle. The 150,000-square-feet store will be located at the I-35 Texas Innovation Corridor. You’ll find it on I-35 between Kohlers Crossing and Kyle Crossing. Home Depot and Evo Entertainment are also in this area.

About Costco

The City of Kyle and the Kyle Economic Development have been working to bring Costco here. It’s a membership-based retailer with more than 800 locations worldwide. Not only did the City want to provide Kyle residents with one of the top retailers, but also a place that has a proven history of taking care of its employees and providing them with competitive wages and benefits. Early this year, Costco raised its minimum hourly pay to $16 for hourly employees. The facility is expected to support more than 200 jobs.

Costco is perfect for Kyle. As you know, Kyle is the Pie Capital of Texas. Well, it turns out that Costco is one of the country’s largest pizzerias! They sell their large slices at more than 400 locations.

That’s not the only popular food item you can buy there. They’re famous for their hot dog combo deal that only costs $1.50, which includes a soda. It’s been a buck fifty since 1985 and the retailer sells more than 100 million hot dogs every year! Another popular item at the food court is the acai bowl. It’s what you get when you put a smoothie and yogurt together.

Shopping at Costco

If you don’t already know about it, get ready to become familiar with the Kirkland brand. That’s Costco’s in-house brand. You’ll find everything with the Kirkland name: over-the-counter medicines, coffee, rotisserie chickens, bacon, and even golf balls.

Here are some items you may want to buy at Costco:

  • Breakfast cereal
  • Cheese
  • Eggs
  • Kirkland maple syrup
  • Kirkland vodka (not kidding)
  • Clothing

A typical Costco sells 4,000 items. By comparison, an average grocery store sells around 40,000 items. Unlike grocery stores, Costco doesn’t carry multiple brands of each one. We can’t wait to shop at Costco and finish our trip with a stop at their food court.

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