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2021 Founders’ Day Parade in Kyle, Texas

Coming up this weekend is one of the City of Kyle’s most beloved celebrations and events. On Saturday, Oct. 9 from 10 am to 12:30 pm is the Founders’ Day Parade.

How did this parade even get started? What is it about? Sometime in October 1880, people bought the first lots in Kyle. This compelled the city and its citizens to start a new tradition in which they held parades through downtown Kyle every year in mid-October. That parade is the Founders’ Day Parade and its purpose is to recognize the town’s founders.

What’s on Tap for the 2021 Founders’ Day Parade?

This 140-plus-year tradition and parade will start at Gregg-Clarke Park. They’ll travel along Center Street and end at Front Street on the City Square. Right after the parade ends, the city will celebrate its birthday with cupcakes, music, and family fun on Burleson Street.

The best spots to watch the parade are on either side of Center Street between Gregg-Clarke Park and Mary Kyle Hartson City Square Park. The City asks attendees to stay on the sidewalks or grassy areas on Center Street. Check out the event’s page on Facebook for more information.

A Brief History of Kyle, Texas

Settlers from Mountain City and Blanco founded the town of Kyle in 1880. Somewhere between 1870 and 1880, the International and Great Northern Railroad planned to build a line between Austin and San Antonio. In building the railroad, the planners discovered there weren’t towns on the route between Austin and San Marcus, Thus, they decided to create a station on that route.

Captain Fergus Kyle and David Moore’s family donated 200 acres for this site. As a result, Texas Land Company deeded the land to build the town. And the City of Kyle got its name in honor of one of the people who donated the land.

In October 1880, the town held an auction under Kyle’s famous Oaktree to auction off the business and residential lots. To encourage people to bid, the railroad offered free train rides to anyone who participated in the sale. The railroad donated the land around the tree, which eventually became the home of Kyle Seminary, the city’s first school.

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