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Tech-Free Family Time: Unplugged Activities for Quality Bonding

Technology has worked its way into nearly every facet of our lives, from careers to school and entertainment. Too much screen time, however, can lead to a disconnect among family members.


Thankfully, regularly unplugging to spend time together can help to strengthen family bonds. Here are a few wi-fi-free ways your family can engage in quality bonding. 


Family Game Night


Families have been bonding over board games for literally thousands of years. What board games may lack in streaming capability, they can often make up for in challenge and, in some cases, a lot of hilarity. 


Board games like Monopoly, Life, Clue, and Trivial Pursuit are always going to be classics, but there are dozens of other board games worth checking out. Ticket to Ride, Hues and Cues, Kids vs. Parents, and Headbanz are all popular board games worth adding to your personal collection. 


Give Back


Volunteering doesn’t just help the communities we live in; it helps us as individuals learn to be more empathetic and can benefit our mental health. And because children are constantly watching their parents, volunteering as a family sets a positive example.


When you take time to volunteer with your kids, you’re showing them firsthand the importance of being a good citizen and helping to mold them into a well-rounded person. From helping out at the animal shelter to sorting groceries at the food bank, there are a number of ways to give back in the Kyle area.  


Cook and Eat Meals Together


With life seemingly getting busier and busier every year, making time to eat a meal together on a regular basis can be difficult. However, doing so has major benefits in both the short and long term. For starters, it gives family members a chance to reconnect at the end of the day and just talk. In fact, “80% of teenagers say that family dinner is the time of the day they’re most likely to talk to their parents,” according to a Harvard study


Why not take things a step further? Break out a cookbook and include the entire family in preparing the meal, assigning each family member a task. Research shows that families who regularly eat dinner together are at lower risk of depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and teen pregnancy. 


Head Outside


We’re lucky enough to live in one of the most beautiful areas of the country, and there are nearly endless ways to enjoy it. 


Kyle has several parks within a 15-minute drive that are ideal for hiking, tossing the frisbee, or viewing wildlife. And in warmer months, setting out to explore a natural swimming hole is going to beat staying inside and playing video games hands down every time. 


Maybe you’re looking for something even more adventurous? Texas Trail Rides offers group horse rides, and the City of Kyle website has a bike map for families looking to keep things on two wheels rather than four legs. 

Even something as simple as taking a family walk around one of the trails within the Crosswinds community can be beneficial. To learn more about Crosswinds, contact us today.