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Citywide Trail System Expansion in Kyle, TX — The Vybe

Kyle, TX is growing fast, and city leaders are working diligently to keep pace. One example of their forward-thinking approach to city expansion is a new 80-mile trail system that was recently approved for development.


In September of 2021, the Kyle City Council approved a Citywide Trails Master Plan that prioritized trail-oriented development that works independently and with developers to create a network of trails connecting across the city. This trail development project is called, The Vybe.


It’s another reason why Kyle is a special place to live. The city offers a balance between country living and city accessibility that is attractive to professionals and retirees alike. The population growth in Kyle reflects just how attractive it is: between 2010 and 2020, Kyle’s population grew 91.9%.


Despite the rapid growth, residents can access all that Kyle has to offer. Just like with the Uber Kyle $3.14 program, the city is devoting serious money to ensuring that people can get to where they need to go around the city.


The Kyle City Council also recently voted to approve four items that will improve The Vybe trail system and also expand the city’s natural trail system. They voted to provide funding for engineering services, amend City Code for trail improvement, and also to allow golf cart use on The Vybe.


How Does The Vybe Change Life in Kyle?

Imagine being able to get anywhere you want in the city without having to fight traffic or spend money on gas while also getting in some exercise. When the project is finished, Kyle’s residents will be able to take in serene, beautiful landscapes along the trail on their way to see a concert or get world-class sushi.


The trail system will also intersect with the Emerald Crown Trail, which connects Austin to San Antonio via collaboration with the Great Springs Project.  


The goal of The Vybe is to improve connectivity throughout the city and allow the use of golf carts to make travel easier, more reliable, and safer. Imagine how many cars won’t be on the road because people can walk, bike, roller skate, or take a golf cart to where they need to go.


The paved path and trail developments will serve as an extension of the city’s park and transportation systems that connect residents and visitors to recreation, commerce, and unique experiences. People can shop, eat, and access parking and restrooms all along the trail at what the city deems “Vybe Spots.” 


New additions include 12-foot-wide paved paths and also expanding and improving existing natural trails. The paved path will be illuminated and ADA accessible. The Vybe spots will also include signage and have multiple entrance points along the path to enable easy access throughout the city.    


Visitors and residents on the trail will have access to bird watching stations, kiosks, and benches as well as Wi-Fi, golf cart parking, and charging stations at Vybe spots.


Moving To Texas?

A lot of people are moving to Texas these days. The weather, the business environment, the people, and the economy all combine to make it attractive to families who want to live the good life at an affordable price.


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