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The Uber Kyle $3.14 Program is Getting Even Better

It’s no wonder that Kyle, TX is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country.


Kyle is a wonderful place to call home. For starters, there’s the weather, the people, and the location. Kyle is perfectly situated 22 miles from Austin and about 55 from San Antonio, blending small-town living and urban convenience in a way that offers residents the best of both worlds.


But what sets Kyle even further ahead is how the community and city leaders care. They take action to address real issues that residents face in their day-to-day lives. The leaders and the community at large do real work to make life better for everyone, and it shows. 


One example of this is the recently expanded Uber Kyle $3.14 program. It addresses a problem many Americans face:


It’s hard and expensive to get around these days, especially if you’re in a wheelchair. Access to public transportation is limited in most towns and cities, and that causes tons of problems for people who need rides. 


The need is especially acute when it comes to wheelchair accessible ride services. There simply aren’t many affordable options for people who need to get around town and enjoy their lives.


But things are different in Kyle, TX because people care and are willing to take action. The Uber Kyle $3.14 program is providing solutions for residents.  

What Exactly is the Uber Kyle $3.14 Program, and How Does it Help?

The Uber Kyle $3.14 program is a partnership with the Uber rideshare platform. Each month, riders in Kyle are issued a voucher that is valid for 10 one-way trips through the city’s mobile app.


For just $3.14, you can take a trip to anywhere that begins and ends within Kyle city limits. On top of that, the Uber Kyle $3.14 program also subsidizes rides for up to $10 per ride after you pay the first $3.14. However, you’ll be responsible for anything over the initial $13.14.


The program also provides one round-trip from Kyle to the Austin Veterans Administration for $3.14, as well as two one-way trips to and from Austin-Bergstrom International Airport per person, per month for 31.4% of the ride cost. 


But the Uber Kyle program is expanding even more. Recently, during the Kyle City Council meeting on Feb. 15, 2022 council members received an update on the Uber $3.14 program regarding the expansion and improvement of wheelchair accessible vehicle services. 


The Uber Kyle $3.14 program provides an affordable way to get around town on your schedule. With the expansion of wheelchair accessible ride services, the program is only becoming more helpful for Kyle residents.


There’s no wonder that Kyle is one of the fastest growing cities in Texas. There is plenty of beautiful space to enjoy, and a ride to get there at a great price. 

Looking For A New Home In Kyle, TX?

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