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3.14 National Pi Day in the Pie Capital of Texas

When it comes to celebrating Pi Day (the March 14 holiday honoring mathematical constant π) you could celebrate it in the math lab working out its never-ending sequence, but where’s the fun in that? A much more enjoyable way to celebrate the day is by partaking a slice of pie!


It just so happens that Kyle is the pie capital of Texas, making it a perfect place to celebrate Pi Day. 


Pie and Pirates


If you’re looking for an unconventional way to celebrate Pi Day in Kyle, then consider checking out the PIErate Treasure Hunt. This kooky scavenger hunt sends participants across the city in search of eight numbered treasure chests. This year’s locations are still a mystery, but last year’s locations included Gregg-Clarke Park, city trails, Mary Kyle Hartson City Square Park, Waterleaf Park, Cool Springs Trail, and Steeplechase Park. We’re not saying those locations are going to have hidden chests this year, but it wouldn’t hurt to look. *wink*


Once participants do locate a chest, inside they’ll discover a clue, leading them toward the grand prize raffle of $314 (a nod to pi’s 3.14). The contest is open to all would-be treasure hunters and runs March 1 through 22. Best of luck! 


Pie and Pizza


Every great holiday involves food in the celebration and Pi Day is no different. If you’re looking to satisfy your craving for both sweet and savory pie, Kyle offers some great options. Consider grabbing lunch or dinner at Pizza Classics (118 S. Front Street). The pizzeria was voted “best pizza in Kyle” and has been around for decades. 


The staff makes their dough in-house each day, before topping the pies with fresh veggies and meats, whole milk mozzarella, and then sliding them in an “old school hearth oven.” The result is a truly out-of-this-world pizza that will have you reaching for another slice before you finish the first. 


After you’ve polished off a Pepperoni Lovers or Frito Pie Pizza, make your way over to the Texas Pie Company at 202 W. Center Street. Owner Julie Albertson has been baking pies since she was a child with her grandmother. We’re not sure if her pies officially qualify as “world famous” but they’re certainly “Texas famous” with newspaper and magazine clippings adorning the shop’s walls. Julie’s pies even got a recent shout-out on The Drew Barrymore Show!


Whether you choose to go with a slice of Southern Pecan, Lemon Chess, Chocolate Fudge, Peach, Dutch Apple, Blueberry, or one of the other flavors, you really can’t go wrong celebrating Pi Day at this local institution. 


Yes, when it comes to pie (or pi) and the city of Kyle, there are a range of fun and delicious options to choose from. It also just so happens that the mathematical holiday marks the halfway point to Kyle’s Pie in the Sky September celebration. So that’s yet another awesome event to look forward to and one of the many things that makes this city so great. 


If you’d like to find your own slice of paradise in Kyle, reach out to the Crosswinds team to learn more about this master-planned community. As a resident of Kyle, you’ll be close to all the best pies in the area, with family-friendly amenities, great schools, and high-quality homes from the area’s top builders. 

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Best Pies in the Pie Capital: The Texas Pie Company

Kyle residents are serious about their pie. After all, the city is the “pie capital of Texas” and home of the Pie in the Sky festival. Naturally, any bakery in town that puts a pie on its counter knows that it’s going to be judged by some pretty pie-savvy customers. With decades of pie baking experience under belt, however, it’s safe to say that Julie Albertson, founder of The Texas Pie Company, knows how to bake an award-worthy pie. 

Julie opened her first bakery in 1986, but was baking long before that. “I started baking with my grandmother in East Texas on her farm,” she told KVUE News. “When I was really little I used to stand on soup cans so I could reach the counter [and help bake].” It was in those formative baking years that she learned the ins and outs of each pie recipe and how to perfect each pie’s unique flavors. 

Shareworthy Pies

Texas Pie Company specializes in creating delicious and unique pies that will satisfy any craving. Julie and her staff take pride in crafting each pie with care to ensure a perfect flavor combination and crust that is buttery, flaky and delicately sweetened. 

You really can’t go wrong with whatever pie you choose but customer favorites include flavors such as Southern Pecan, Lemon Chess, Buttermilk (Julie’s personal fav), Almond Joy, Chocolate Fudge, and Peanut Butter Mousse. The bakery also has an array of fruit pies like Peach, Dutch Apple, Blueberry, Cherry, and Blackberry. 

Now if cream pies are your jam, Texas Pie Company offers Key Lime, Coconut, and Chocolate. And when the fall and winter months roll around, you’ll naturally find Pumpkin and Praline pies waiting to be snatched up by customers. 

More Tasty Options

If you’re looking for an extra treat to go with your slice of pie though, or you’re in the mood for a full meal, the bakery has you covered. A range of cookies, brownies, and dessert bars are available as well as plenty of savory options. Daily lunch specials are offered with items like Meatloaf, Chicken Breast with Cranberry, and King Ranch Chicken, in addition to several sandwiches. 

Now, if you only have time for pie and not a full lunch but want to get something to go, consider picking up a quiche or casserole. The quiches are prepared with fresh eggs, whole milk, and an assortment of fresh veggies, proteins, and shredded cheeses. Casserole dishes include popular comfort foods like Three Cheese Lasagna, Chicken Pot Pie, and Beef Stroganoff. Everything is made in the kitchen daily and can be ordered hot for pick up.

The Texas Pie Company is open Monday through Saturday with lunch items available until 3 PM and pie available until 6:30 PM on weekdays, 4 on Saturdays. Take a tip from us though, if you have your heart set on a particular pie flavor, get there early because when it’s gone it’s gone!

Kyle is full of great local spots and businesses that make it a wonderful place for families of all ages and lifestyles to call home. If you’d like to learn more about making Kyle your home, contact the Crosswinds team.

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What Becoming Certipied Really Means for Kyle, TX

certipied, Texas Pie Company, Pie Capital of Texas

(Image via texaspiecompany.com)

No, it isn’t a typo…Kyle, Texas is officially certipied! So…what does that mean? Well, let us tell you all about it in this week’s blog!

The Pie Capital of Texas

While it is a fun little play on words, “certipied” represents how Kyle, Texas has been trying to make a name for itself by branding the city as the Pie Capital of Texas. Where is this self-given title coming from, you might ask? Well, it all comes from the fact that Kyle, Texas has been the home of The Texas Pie Company for 32 years.

What makes this branding so unique is that rather than Kyle trying to create and then live up to some aspirational identity, they took a look at what was already in the fiber of their existence, which is PIE! This means that it’s absolutely easy for Kyle, Texas to live up to being certipied as the Pie Capital of Texas.

Standing Out from Austin

Okay, so aside from general branding, one of the other big benefits to making a name for ourselves as Kyle – the Pie Capital of Texas, is to be able to stand out from Austin. While we love Austin, it can be hard for the smaller surrounding cities to have a strong identity. All the cities around us struggle with the same thing, and that is why so many have started to branch out to try and make themselves be seen as near Austin, not part of it.

If you’re ready to be certipied and want to stand out from the Austin norm, come take a look at our beautiful new homes in Kyle. Not only can they be the perfect fit for your family, but you’ll also just be that much closer to the amazing Texas Pie Company! To learn more about Kyle becoming certipied, check out this great Community Impact article! Contact Crosswinds in Kyle, Texas today for more information.