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What Becoming Certipied Really Means for Kyle, TX

certipied, Texas Pie Company, Pie Capital of Texas

(Image via texaspiecompany.com)

No, it isn’t a typo…Kyle, Texas is officially certipied! So…what does that mean? Well, let us tell you all about it in this week’s blog!

The Pie Capital of Texas

While it is a fun little play on words, “certipied” represents how Kyle, Texas has been trying to make a name for itself by branding the city as the Pie Capital of Texas. Where is this self-given title coming from, you might ask? Well, it all comes from the fact that Kyle, Texas has been the home of The Texas Pie Company for 32 years.

What makes this branding so unique is that rather than Kyle trying to create and then live up to some aspirational identity, they took a look at what was already in the fiber of their existence, which is PIE! This means that it’s absolutely easy for Kyle, Texas to live up to being certipied as the Pie Capital of Texas.

Standing Out from Austin

Okay, so aside from general branding, one of the other big benefits to making a name for ourselves as Kyle – the Pie Capital of Texas, is to be able to stand out from Austin. While we love Austin, it can be hard for the smaller surrounding cities to have a strong identity. All the cities around us struggle with the same thing, and that is why so many have started to branch out to try and make themselves be seen as near Austin, not part of it.

If you’re ready to be certipied and want to stand out from the Austin norm, come take a look at our beautiful new homes in Kyle. Not only can they be the perfect fit for your family, but you’ll also just be that much closer to the amazing Texas Pie Company! To learn more about Kyle becoming certipied, check out this great Community Impact article! Contact Crosswinds in Kyle, Texas today for more information.