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Navigating Valentine’s Day

Trying to come up with the perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea for an adult can be tricky enough, but what about kids? Sure, you can’t go wrong with chocolate, but adding a little flair can make the occasion even more fun. 


If you’re in need of some fun V-Day ideas that your child can share with classmates or teachers, here are a few sweet options to consider. 


Think Outside of the Box: Creative Valentines


The Valentine’s treat bag is a classic, but instead of filling it with drugstore chocolate, why not mix things up? Toss in small toys or party favors like super balls, snap bracelets, fidget spinners, bubbles, or a pack of stickers. 


It’s fair to say that most kids probably won’t be crazy about a bouquet of roses. What kids do love, though, are projects. Consider giving kids mini terracotta seed kits. This gives children a chance to plant a valentine that will last far beyond February 14. 


Now, if you want to play it safe and stick with candy but want to show some creativity, that’s a winning plan. From pipe cleaner butterfly wings on suckers to love bug juice boxes, there’s an endless array of cute candy craft possibilities


Safe and Sweet


If you’re helping out with a Valentine’s Day party for your child’s school, then you’re probably aware of any existing food allergen don’ts. If not, double-check with your child’s teacher before bringing any treats. Thankfully, making some special treats available for kids with food allergies is pretty easy. 


Skip the peanut butter or peanut-filled candy and think cookie cutters. Heart-shaped cookie cutters can make just about any food more fun. Pancakes, sandwiches, fruits, and veggies… they can all be transformed into fun party food with a heart-shaped twist. Toss in some white, red, and pink sprinkles, and you have a snack no kid can resist. 


Thoughtful Teacher Gifts


Be sure to save an extra cupcake for your child’s teacher. Better yet, make a special Valentine’s Day treat that your child can give to their favorite teacher to show just how much they appreciate them. 


A personalized Valentine’s Day card is sure to elicit an “Awww, thank you!” but why not add a little something extra? Teachers work hard and deserve a treat now and then. A gift card for a local coffee or sandwich spot is an idea that’s sure to make your kiddo’s teacher feel appreciated and loved. 


Now if you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your romantic sweetheart, not to worry, here are plenty of local gift ideas right here in Kyle.  

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