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Tips to Save Money on Moving

Most people wouldn’t describe moving as “fun.” More often, adjectives like “exhausting” and “stressful” come into play. A big reason behind the anxiety that comes with moving is money. 


Local moves will always be cheaper than moving from state to state, but from setting up utilities to packing supplies and fuel costs, many hidden expenses go along with moving. 


This doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t reduce expenses when moving. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind while planning your next move. 


Leave Stuff Behind


Okay, we don’t mean you should leave your prized possessions behind, but the less stuff you have to move, the cheaper it will be. Financial guru Dave Ramsey advises selling or getting rid of the things you’re not so attached to before loading up the moving truck. 


“Another way to save money on relocation costs is to sell some stuff!” Ramsey said. “We’re talking about that armoire you never found the right place for or that kayak that’s been gathering dust in your garage for years. Now’s the perfect time to get rid of that junk.”


Less stuff to move means less money spent on packing supplies and more money in your pocket once you move into your new home. 


Calculate Estimated Costs 


Columbus didn’t cross the Atlantic without calculating the supplies he would need, nor should he. A moving calculator will help you estimate the cost of getting from point A to point B based on the number of bedrooms you’re moving and the amount of furnishings you have. 


While it won’t provide an exact cost, it will help give you a rough idea of what kind of vehicle you’ll need and the fuel price. 


Pack Smart, Pack Cheap


Cardboard isn’t as cheap as you might think. Head to a packing store, and you could pay upwards of $20 per box! Don’t fret; there’s a solution. The earlier you plan your move, the more time you have to save useable boxes (and the bubble wrap) from various mail deliveries or friends or family who have boxes they no longer need. 


Another good option is to check sites like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist for cardboard boxes people no longer want and are giving away. 


You can also help offset packing costs by wrapping more fragile items in clothes and towels. 


Move During Off-Season


Moving companies are busiest from May through August. This is when school is out, and students are moving back home and then heading off to school. If you can, try to move between September and April – preferably during the week for an even cheaper rate with a moving company. 


Ask the moving company to handle only the big furniture if you’re not moving far. If you can move the smaller boxes yourself, it’ll reduce the time it takes to move your stuff, saving you money. 


A lot of planning goes into a move, but once you step foot in your new place, all that hard work will be worth it. If you’re looking to move into your dream home soon, contact us to learn more about the Crosswinds community