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Ways to Beat the Heat – Without Spending on AC

We’re smack dab in the middle of summer, which undoubtedly means that it’s incredibly hot out. With Texas dealing with a record-breaking heat wave, keeping cool in your home can be a serious challenge. 


Here are a few helpful strategies to help you beat the beat without pushing your HVAC into the red.


Keep Air Moving


Fans are your friend in the summer. Whether you have a ceiling fan or a stationary floor fan, keeping the air in the room circulating will help to move out hot air. 


If you have a ceiling fan, be sure it is spinning in the correct direction. You want it spinning counterclockwise during hotter months, as this can help to make you feel up to 4 degrees cooler. If you happen to be using a window box fan, set it to blow inwards from the window when it’s cooler out at night, and set it to blow outwards during sunny hours to ward off heat. 


And for an extra blast of cold air, try putting a container of ice cubes in front of the fan to disperse cooler air.


Cover Windows


It can be tempting to open all your windows in the middle of the day with the hopes that a cool breeze will pass through. It’s much more likely, however, that you’ll just be allowing the hot air from outside to flow in and heat your home up even more. 


In the middle of the day, it’s recommended that you keep windows closed and have them covered with dark curtains to help block out sunlight. Wait until the sun sets and temperatures cool off if you want to open your windows up for some fresh air. 


Ovens Off


Grilling out isn’t just a fun summer activity; it’s a great way to keep your home cooler because you won’t be using your stove or oven. Cooking generates a lot of heat, and depending on how much cooking you’re doing, stoves and ovens can have an impact on the overall temperature of your kitchen. 


If you do decide to use your oven or stove, turn on the exhaust fan to help move out the hot air. 


Keep Doors Closed 


Remember when you would leave the front door open as a kid, and your dad would say, “We’re not trying to air condition the entire neighborhood!”? Well, the same can be applied to the inside of your home as well. 


Keep doors closed to rooms that aren’t in use. This will help trap the cold air in those spaces that are being used and keep the hot air isolated to other rooms in the house. 


Drink More Water


Drinking more water on hot days isn’t just a necessary precaution to help avoid heat stroke, but it will help to keep you more comfortable. For an extra cooling boost with the powers of H2O, use ice packs or cold compresses on your neck, wrists, or other pulse points for quick relief.

And when staying in your home simply feels too unbearable, and you need a serious cool down, there’s nothing better than a refreshing dip in the pool! To learn more about the amenities offered in the Crosswinds community and find a home here, contact us today.