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Hops & Grain Brewery To Begin Brewing Near Crosswinds

Hops & Grain Brewery
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When it comes to things to do near Kyle, TX, most people probably wouldn’t think about touring a craft beer brewery and taproom. But that’s all about to change because just 20 minutes from our master-planned community, Austin-based Hops & Grain Brewery is opening their second brewery and taproom in San Marcos! Here’s a little more information about this brewery and their great beer.

About Hops & Grain Brewery

Being started in Austin, TX, it should come as no surprise that Hops & Grain Brewery puts an emphasis on community and using environmentally friendly and sustainable brewing methods. They partner with non-profits and local business and often provide their beer for community events. They also give 1% of their annual revenue to local environmental non-profits to help them in their efforts.

Year ‘Round and Seasonal Brews

Now, for what everyone really wants – beer! Hops & Grain Brewery has 7 beers that they brew all year long – River Beer Lager, 78702 Kolsch, Greenhouse IPA, The One They Call Zoe Pale Lager, A Pale Mosaic American Style IPA, Porter Culture Baltic Style Porter and the Dispensary Series Dry Hopped, which are 6 of their beers that they put an extra helping or two of hops into. As for the seasonal brews at the Hops & Grain Brewery, there are 6 – New Zealand IPA, Imperial Oatmeal Stout, Maibock, Vienna Lager, Helles Lager and Texas Honey IPA.

For the real beer fanatics, Hops & Grain Brewery also has their volume program in which they take their beer to an entirely new level. If you want to know more about all these brews, you can read up on all the beers at Hops & Grain Brewery.

Now in San Marcos, TX

While Austin isn’t all that far from our master-planned community, San Marcos is certainly closer. Soon, the list of fun things to do near Kyle, TX will also have enjoying a cold, local, craft beer in the Hops & Grain Brewery in San Marcos, which is set to start brewing in September with the taproom set to open in October. To mark their momentous expansion, Hops & Grain Brewery will introduce their new Haze County Imperial IPA!

If you want to keep up with what’s to come for Hops & Grain Brewery, you can follow them on Facebook. Likewise, if you’d like to be in the know about all the great things to do near Kyle, TX and all the wonderful development happening in our master-planned community, you can follow Crosswinds on Facebook and Twitter!