5 Projects You Can Complete Today to Declutter Your Home

With spring right around the corner, now is the perfect time to get a jump start on your spring cleaning. One of the easiest ways to organize your space is to declutter your home. Simple decluttering projects involve tidying up specific “problem areas” such as the fridge or the bathroom. Today, our master-planned community is bringing you five of our favorite fast and easy decluttering tips!

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1. Clean the Fridge Door

The first decluttering tip involves tackling the condiment section of your refrigerator. First, open up your fridge. Next, take out all the condiments and put them on your counter. Start checking expiration dates and throwing away anything that is past its prime or that you’re never going to use. Before returning the remaining bottles to the fridge, wipe down the bottoms and sides of the jars with a damp sponge.

2. Designate a Pen Cup

We’re all guilty of having pens and pencils thrown aimlessly around our home. Go around and gather all of the excess pens and pencils and put them in one designated area, whether it be a cup in your home office or a drawer in your kitchen. Before placing them in their new home, double check that the pens have ink and the pencils have lead. Toss out any that don’t work!

3. Declutter the Shower

It’s easy to get distracted at the store by the latest-and-greatest bath products. We get lured by premises like ‘sleek shine’ and ‘smoother, younger skin.’ As we buy more and more products, they start to take up valuable real estate in the shower. Recycle the empty bottles and give away products you didn’t like. Only keep your favorite products that you use every day!

4. Tidy Up the Laundry Room

We’ve tackled the kitchen, we’ve organized the bathroom and now it’s time to declutter the laundry room. Check for any empty containers of detergent, bleach or fabric softener and throw them away. Gather any oddball socks or articles of clothing that you find and put random items pulled from pockets back where they belong.

5. Recycle Your Magazines

It’s easy to let magazines and catalogs pile up on your coffee table. Recycle old issues and keep only current ones that you still want to read. If you find an article in an old issue that you really enjoy, that doesn’t mean you have to keep the whole magazine – cut the section out, set it aside and recycle the rest of the issue.

There are so many simple ways you can go through and declutter your home. Most of these decluttering projects can be completed in less than 20 minutes, and they can make your home feel brand new! If you’re looking for a home that is actually brand new, look no further than our master-planned community.  Crosswinds’ new homes in Kyle are perfect for the family and come clutter-free! Contacts us today to find your dream home.

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Louie’s BBQ in Buda Relocated from Downtown Austin

In Texas, we take our barbecue very seriously, and we’re so excited to announce that a South Congress barbecue hot spot has made its way south of Austin. Louie’s BBQ in Buda opened in early 2019 near our master-planned community in Kyle. Here’s a bit more information on Louie’s and why we think it might be the best-kept barbecue secret in Austin.

 louie's bbq in buda, crosswinds, kyle, tx, south austin, master-planned community in kyle
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About Louie’s BBQ

Run by husband and wife, Luis and Amy Vasquez, Louie’s BBQ in Buda was born out of a love for cooking and entertaining. Luis Vasquez was an insurance adjuster for more than 16 years before discovering his passion for food. After seven years of cooking for family and friends and two years of catering, Luis was able to purchase his trailer and open the BBQ joint to the public in 2017.

Moving to Buda, TX

The barbecue spot first opened at a place on South Congress Avenue, but in late 2018 Louie’s BBQ decided it was time to head south, to Buda, TX. Luis Vasquez felt the Austin trailer and barbecue scene were getting a bit saturated, and Saint Elmo Public Market is set to open at the same South Congress address in October. The owners were proactive about moving and saw an opportunity to help get Buda on the barbecue map.

 Mexican-BBQ Fusion

Louie’s BBQ in Buda has coined the phrase “Mexican-BBQ fusion,” and the menu is full of unique combinations coupled with traditional barbecue favorites. From the seasoned brisket coated in Louie’s signature rub to the tasty tacos and fresh street corn, each menu item is packed full of mouthwatering goodness. If they’re still available, Louie’s sensational stuffed potatoes are a crowd favorite, topped with signature brisket or pulled pork straight from the custom-built BBQ pit. If you love Louie’s BBQ and want it at your next event, you’re in luck because they cater.

Is your mouth watering yet? Louie’s BBQ in Buda is open Tuesday – Saturday from 11am until they sell out for the day. We recommend going early and coming hungry! You can stay up to date with daily availability and truck by following Louie’s on Facebook. You can also connect with our master-planned community in Kyle on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. If you’d like to learn more about our new homes in Kyle, TX, contact Crosswinds today.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Special Someone

Feeling a little stressed about what to get your significant other for Valentine’s Day? You can do so much better than a card this year with these Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him and her, for best friends and even for family. There’s something for everyone in Crosswinds’ Valentine’s Day gift guide. 

valentine's day gift ideas, master-planned community, kyle, tx, crosswinds

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

This Valentine’s Day, don’t just say it, say it in morse code! Gift your valentine with a customizable morse code necklace and she’ll always carry you with her. If your valentine prefers plants over jewelry, add some life to her office space with one of these chic planters. Another romantic gift idea for your favorite female is a personalized wine bottle. You can choose from mini or standard size bottles and either simply personalize the label or engrave the bottle.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

Do you know what time it is? Time to get the man in your life a handsome box to organize and store his treasured timepieces. Watch him fall in love the moment he opens this gift! Is your valentine less of a watch guy and more of a beer connoisseur? Allow him to experiment and make his own beer right from home with a beermaking kit, like this Everyday IPA kit from UncommonGoods. If your Valentine has been droning on about how cool he thinks drones are, we can help! Check out this mini quadcopter version, the perfect option for beginners.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Family

Who said Valentine’s Day is just about giving gifts to your significant other? This year enjoy the holiday as a family with these fun gift ideas. A subscription box is a gift that keeps on giving well beyond the holiday. Graze boxes deliver an assortment of yummy, nutritious snacks straight to your front door, making it perfect for those busy days. If your family enjoys spending time together in the kitchen, give the family the gift of a “Baked with Love” personalized pie plate! It’ll be sure to inspire an abundance of family time in the kitchen.

Make this Valentine’s Day one they won’t forget and give your valentine a gift from the heart! If you’re in the market for a new home this Valentine’s Day, fall in love with our master-planned community in Kyle, TX. Contact Crosswinds today to learn about our new homes. You can also connect with our master-planned community on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

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Roughhouse Brewing in San Marcos Now Open Near Crosswinds

Attention all beer lovers! We’re excited to announce that yet another brewery has just opened near our master-planned community in Kyle. While Crosswinds is in Kyle, TX, Roughhouse Brewing in San Marcos is just a quick drive from our new homes near Austin. Here’s a little more information about this new brewery and their great beer.

roughhouse brewing san marcos, crosswinds, kyle, tx, things to do near kyle, master-planned community in kyle
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About Roughhouse Brewing in San Marcos

Located on 5 acres of a family ranch in San Marcos, this family-owned brewery serves refreshing, farmhouse-style beer. Founders Alex and Davy Pasternak appreciate the hard-working and straightforward way of life and have strived to create a beer that speaks to that lifestyle. Alex, who works on the sales and marketing side of the business, is captivated by a weathered and woody aesthetic and is working to make Roughhouse Brewing the rustic beer brand she has always envisioned. The brewery, complete with a tasting room inside a rustic barn, opened its doors in December 2018 and serves up cold brews Wednesdays from 12pm – 2pm, Thursdays & Fridays from 4pm – 9pm, Saturdays from 12pm – 9pm and Sundays from 12pm – 5pm.

The Cold Brews

The cold beer from Roughhouse Brewing in San Marcos is a perfect compliment to the Texas backdrop – dry, oaky and earthy. The farmhouse ales are brewed using traditional techniques supported by modern equipment. Currently, the brewery is serving up four distinct brews, including a low-alcohol everyday ale, a rustic and hoppy IPA, a farmhouse amber and a dark saison. The farmhouse amber, called “ONA”, is named after Great Grandma Mary Pasternak and features hints of cherry – a nod to those that Mary used to grow in her garden. Already love the beer and looking for other places you can find it? Check out Roughhouse Brewing’s ‘Where-to-Buy’ guide.

Beyond the Brews

Unique beer and beautiful views aren’t the only things showcased at Roughhouse Brewing in San Marcos. An onsite restaurant, S. Baker Kitchen, provides a tasty selection of smoked meats and shareable snacks. All the food offered at Roughhouse is distinctive and easy to share, making it a great compliment to the beer.  

Stay up to date with all things Roughhouse Brewing by following them on Facebook. You can also connect with our master-planned community in Kyle on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter to learn about other things to do near Kyle.

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5 Ways to Save Money on Your Winter Electricity Bill

From rainy days spent curled up near the fire to sparkling snowbanks, winter is a magical time of year. However, some of this magic diminishes when you receive your winter electricity bill in the mail.  This season, make sure your home is ready to combat the big chill without breaking the bank by following these energy-saving tips.

winter electricity bill, crosswinds, kyle, tx, homeowner tips

1. Switch your ceiling fan’s rotation

Have you ever looked at which direction your ceiling fan is spinning? If not, take some time to do so now because the blades’ rotation can actually help you save on heating costs. Ensure that your fan’s blades are rotating clockwise because this direction will push the warmer air down.

2. Upgrade your wood-burning fireplace

There’s nothing quite like curling up next to a crackling wood-burning fireplace on a chilly day, but this could be contributing to your high winter electricity bill. If you’re looking to save some money, consider upgrading your fireplace to an EPA certified-model or energy efficient insert. 

3. Let the sunshine in

During the day, take advantage of as much sunlight as possible. Open the blinds and curtains on south-facing windows to naturally heat your home. This not only eliminates the need for the heater during the day, it also opens your home up to a beautiful winter backdrop. 

4. Switch to LED light bulbs

If you’re still using incandescent bulbs, making the switch to LED bulbs could reduce your electricity bill tremendously, even after the winter months are long gone. LED lights use about 75% less energy than traditional bulbs and have a longer life span. 

5. Invest in a smart thermostat

Saving energy is a beautiful thing and smart thermostats can help you do just that. Smart thermostats allow you to select a comfortable temperature for when you get up in the morning and after you head out the door, you can lower the temperature right from your phone. Smart thermostats can adjust to your lifestyle and help you eliminate unnecessary electricity usage.

You don’t have to sacrifice your home’s comfort to keep your winter electricity bill low. Following these homeowner tips will help you save big on your electricity bill long after the winter chill is gone. Save even more on your winter electricity bill when you move into a brand new home at Crosswinds, complete with the latest energy-efficient home technology which will keep electricity costs down throughout the year. Contact Crosswinds today to stay up-to-date on other homeowner tips and to learn more about our master-planned community in Kyle, TX. You can also connect with Crosswinds on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

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Your Ultimate Guide to Public Parks in Kyle

It may not feel like it right now, but Spring is just a few short months away and with that comes longer days and warmer weather. Make plans to visit some of the public parks in Kyle and enjoy the changing seasons. Have a fun family day in the great outdoors at one of our favorite local parks. Here is a complete breakdown of parks near our master-planned community.

public parks kyle, crosswinds, master-planned community, new homes in kyle, things to do in kyle

1. Lake Kyle Park

Located at 700 Lehman Road, Lake Kyle Park is just five miles from our master-planned community. It has everything you could want from a park, including community events! Grab your friends and family, blankets and snacks and catch a kid-friendly movie at the park. Movies in the Park begin 30 minutes after sunset and the event is free to the public.

2. Mary Kyle Hartson City Square Park

Visit Mary Kyle Hartson City Square Park, packed full of fascinating city history, to enjoy an afternoon picnic or local event. Established in the early 1900’s when Kyle’s Historic City Hall was built, this park includes benches, a gazebo and the information marquee. Many community events take place at City Square Park, like Kyle Market Days, Santa’s Arrival and Lion’s Club Fajita Fiesta.

3. Gregg-Clarke Park

Anchored by the Kyle Pool, Gregg-Clarke Park serves as a recreational activity and local event hub in the city of Kyle. Amenities available at this park include well-lit basketball and tennis courts, a covered pavilion, covered playscapes, walking trails and open green spaces. From soccer, tennis and kickball to kite flying and swimming, this park is sure to offer something for everyone.

4. Steeplechase Park

Looking to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life? Stop by peaceful Steeplechase Park and unwind with a light jog or brisk walk along picturesque Plum Creek. Sitting on 31 beautiful acres, the park also offers visitors playscapes, recreation fields and a championship disc golf course. The expansive park can be accessed easily from the north and south of Plum Creek.

5. Steeplechase Dog Park

Is your furry friend itching to get out of the house and run around? Regardless of size, the newest public park in Kyle, Steeplechase Dog Park, can accommodate your mutts. Included are fenced in large and small dog sections, as well as an enclosed transition zone between the leashed and off-leash areas of the park. Don’t worry about bringing water for your pup because the park includes drinking fountains and plenty of shade.

6. Waterleaf Park

Now if you’re looking for a park that will allow you to truly get lost in the beauty of nature, Waterleaf Park is the one visit! Seventy of the parks ninety-two acres are untouched and remain in their natural state. Whether you want to hike, bike, or just explore, you’ll surely love this great park.

These public parks in Kyle are the perfect places to take the family for a fun-filled day. If you’d like to learn more about Kyle, Texas and our master-planned community, contact Crosswinds today. In the meantime, connecting with Crosswinds on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to learn more about things to do in Kyle.

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Find New Homes in Kyle at Crosswinds this December

Have you been looking at new homes in Kyle, Texas but still haven’t found what it is you are looking for? Take a look at the new, move-in-ready homes at Crosswinds in Kyle, Texas this December. One of this months’ featured homes may be the perfect new home in Kyle for you!

Pacesetter Homes

The exceptional craftsmanship and floorplans by Pacesetter Homes offer the perfect fit for your family. As of December 13, your new home in Kyle could be one of the 11 stunning homes that are move-in ready in Crosswinds.

416 Nautical Loop
new homes in Kyle, Crosswinds, Pacesetter Homes

  • Available Now
  • The Faber II Floorplan
  • 2,327 square feet
  • 4 bedrooms
  • 2.5 bathrooms
  • $298,580

Highland Homes

Highland Homes, another homebuilder our master-planned community is lucky to have, builds on both our 50’s and 60’s lots. As of December 13, Highland Homes has 4 homes that are move-in ready.

263 Windswept Way
new homes in Kyle, Crosswinds, Highland Homes

  • Available now
  • The Southport Floorplan
  • 2,373 square feet
  • 4 bedrooms
  • 3 bathrooms
  • $297,489

Meritage Homes

Meritage Homes only has a few lots available at Crosswinds. On top of gorgeous floorplans, they offer the M.Connected Home Automation Suite in every new Crosswinds home they build. There are still 3 homes available as of December 13. Act quickly before they are gone!

762 Nautical Loop
new homes in Kyle, Crosswinds, Meritage Homes

  • Available Now
  • The Palermo Floorplan
  • 2,452 square feet
  • 4 bedrooms
  • 2.5 bathrooms
  • $269,990

Interested in December’s homes of the month? Visit us in Kyle at Crosswinds! For more information about all things Crosswinds, contact us today. You can also visit our inventory page to see what other wonderful new homes in Kyle we have available here at Crosswinds.

Crosswinds is a master-planned community in Kyle, Texas located just 20 miles south of Austin right off I-35 that offers homes from the $200s.

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Crosswinds at a Glance – Crosswinds FAQ

Crosswinds, new homes at Crosswinds, homes near Austin, master-planned community in Kyle

You’ve probably heard a lot about Crosswinds, our new master-planned community in Kyle, or maybe you haven’t, but either way you want to know more. Get to know more about our community and the new homes at Crosswinds with the answers to these frequently asked questions.

Why is Crosswinds the perfect place to call home?

As a picturesque master-planned community in Kyle, Crosswinds is the ideal location for families who want to be close to Austin but not actually live in the city. Essentially, Crosswinds is the perfect place for you to stretch out your arms and take in a deep breath of fresh air.

What is there to do at Crosswinds?

The community amenities at Crosswinds are excellent for families that want to spend time together outside. More than 130 acres of parks, trails and greenbelts provide plenty of space for biking, jogging, picnics and so much more! Let’s not forget about the newly opened Windy Point Amenity Center, which features a resort-style pool to help you beat the summer heat.

What school district is Crosswinds in, and what schools will children attend?

Our community of homes near Austin is part of the renowned Hays CISD. As for the specific schools, kindergarten through fifth grade attend Pfluger Elementary, sixth through eighth grade attend Chapa Middle School and ninth through twelfth grade attend Lehman High School.

Who are the homebuilders, and what are their lot sizes?

We have three exceptional builders that create the beautiful new homes at Crosswinds: Highland Homes, Meritage Homes and Pacesetter Homes. As for the lot sizes, Highland Homes builds on 50’ lots and 60’ lots, Meritage Homes builds on 50’ lots and Pacesetter Homes builds on 40’ lots and 50’ lots. We know that it can be hard to pick a builder, and that’s why we wrote a little guide to help you figure out which builder is the one for you!

What are the yearly HOA dues?

For our master-planned community, the yearly Home Owner Association dues are $575 and include maintenance of the community amenities and common areas. Our HOA is also managed by Guardian Associate Management.

Who handles utilities and cable?

The City of Kyle handles the water, sewer and trash collection. Natural gas is handled by CentralPoint Energy and electricity is handled by Pedernales Electric Cooperative. Lastly, internet, phone and TV are handled by Time Warner Cable.

We hope these answered some of your questions about our lovely master-planned community in Kyle! Now, if you still have some questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the new homes at Crosswinds. You can also get a feel for our community by connecting with Crosswinds on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


5 Green Living Cleaning Tips for Your Spring Cleaning

Spring is officially here and that means it’s time to start thinking about spring cleaning your home. There are many great products out there that will thoroughly clean your home, but could these products also be harming the environment and your health? Studies have shown that some of the chemicals found in common household cleaning products are doing more harm than good. think that preserving the ecosystem is important for the future of our world. Here is a list of 5 green living cleaning tips that we have compiled to help with your spring cleaning.

green living in Crosswinds

Buy Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

 More companies have started producing environmentally friendly cleaning products to lessen the impact chemicals have on the environment. Look for cleaning products that claim to be natural to lessen your impact on the earth. You can also substitute baking soda or vinegar to clean just about anything.

Air Out Your Home

More often than not, the air in your home is more polluted than the air outside due to cleaning products and toxic substances. So, one of our easiest green living cleaning tips is to open your windows on occasion to let the bad air filter out of your house as the clean air fills its space to promote green living at Crosswinds.

Switch to Castile Soap

Castile soap is 100% plant based, non-toxic and biodegradable. Since you can buy it as a liquid or as hard soap, you can easily replace any kind of soap you are already using that might be harmful for the environment. You can use it to clean dishes and laundry as well.

Use Baking Soda to Remove Unwanted Smells

 We all know that baking soda is essential for removing odor from your fridge, but did you know that it works other places too? Next time you are going to vacuum, sprinkle baking soda over your carpet first to remove any bad odors from your house. You’d be surprised how well this works.

Don’t Use Antibacterial Soap

Many people use antibacterial soap during the flu season to ward off unwanted germs, but this soap does not clean hands any better than regular soap and water. In fact, using antibacterial products too often can help lead to antibiotics resistance as the bacteria evolve. You’re better off with regular soap.

Green living at Crosswinds is as simple as making informed purchase decisions at the grocery store and knowing what can harm the environment. A little bit of research goes a long way when it comes to your environmental impact. Try these and other green living cleaning tips to help yourself and those around you. There are plenty of reasons to buy a new house in Crosswinds, but our parks, playgrounds and trails are huge benefits. To learn more about how we help keep these outdoor spaces beautiful, contact us today!

Image via envatoelements by diego_cervo