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California Beverage Company Relocating to Kyle, TX

It seems like not a month goes by these days without news headlines announcing another company is planting roots in the Lone Star State. From tech companies such as Oracle and Hewlett Packard to beverage companies like Pabst Brewing, and everything in between, at least 50 Fortune 500 companies and growing have moved operations to Texas. 


Another California company is planning a move to Texas, and this time, we’re thrilled to learn Kyle will be home to its corporate headquarters! Gov. Greg Abbott recently shared the news that Sovereign Flavors, a beverage flavoring company, will be relocating its headquarters from Orange County, California to right here in Kyle. 


“Sovereign Flavors’ relocation to the Lone Star State is great news for the people of Central Texas…,” Abbot said. “More and more innovative businesses like Sovereign are moving to Texas because of our world-class business climate, diverse workforce, and endless avenues of opportunity for all Texans to succeed.”


The flavoring development company has created over 4,000 flavors for beverage brands sold at Target, Kroger, and Publix among other grocery stores. David Ames, president of Sovereign Flavors, said that the company was “honored to join Texas’ strong business climate.” The beverage flavoring company’s move into an 80,000-square-foot facility is only the most recent example of Kyle’s “strong business climate” and upward economic growth. 


Being only 7 miles from Austin and 39 miles from San Antonio, Kyle is geographically located perfectly for businesses. And while at one time 80% of Kyle’s population left the city limits for work, that’s rapidly changing as more businesses set up shop within Kyle


One of those businesses, for example, is Alsco commercial laundry. The city of Kyle worked with Alsco to provide the right business conditions for a 96,000-square-foot facility. “[The city leaders] were open, honest, and so easy to deal with and responsive to our needs,” Alsco’s general manager Anthony Wessels explained. 


Kyle’s business-friendly environment is proving to be attractive to businesses both big and small too. Owners of La Ola Pop Shop, Julian and Paulina Hernandez opened a new location in Kyle because of the visible economic growth. “Kyle is a town that I feel like is booming,” Julian said. “Everywhere you look you see construction, [and there’s] lots of families here.” 


It was only a decade ago that Kyle was just a small-town suburb of Austin. Today, however, it’s the fifth fastest growing city in Texas, and it currently has 2.5 million square feet of business space under development. Kyle has clearly evolved from a commuter suburb to a city coming into its own as a place to live, work, and play. 


If you’re interested in finding a home in Kyle’s newest planned community, reach out to the Crosswinds team today.