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Beat the Heat: Indoor Activities for Hot Summer Days

Between sunset concerts, movies in the park, family vacations, and Fourth of July fireworks, there’s plenty to love about summer. As much fun as it can be, however, it can also be brutally hot, and that heat can quickly drain enthusiasm. 


On those days when it’s just too hot to venture outside, here are some fun activities to keep the kiddos entertained indoors. 


Get Crafty


Crafts and art projects are hands down one of the best ways to keep kids entertained during a hot summer day. Supplies are often not too expensive, and kids get to engage their creative side while having fun. 


The list of indoor crafts for children is nearly endless, but a few classics your kiddos may want to try include: 


  • Dreamcatchers
  • Sponge water bombs
  • Seashell, button, or macaroni picture frames
  • Paper mache balloons
  • Water gun painting
  • Watermelon lip scrub
  • Oil and glitter sensory bottles


Cook Up Some Fun


Cooking is another great activity that engages kids, and creating new recipes can be especially fun for children who like to help out in the kitchen. Summer recipes like making homemade pizza yogurt parfaits, or rainbow fruit skewers (with the occasional mini marshmallow) are great for smaller children, as it allows them to get hands-on without too much mess. 


If cooking isn’t really your child’s passion, they may still love indoor activities like setting up a blanket picnic or creating a sundae ice cream bar. 


Board Games


Board games will always be a classic indoor activity that families can enjoy. Boardgames not only offer a much-needed way for kids to have unplugged fun but also provide an avenue for families to bond and spend time together. 


Not only are classic board games like Sorry, Life, Candy Land, Settlers of Catan, and Monopoly fun to play, but can help to lengthen a children’s attention span and even soothe anxiety. 


Learn Something


A hot (or rainy) summer day can be a great opportunity for kids to get some mental stimulation while on summer break. The Kyle Public Library has a summer reading program with a great selection of books for all age levels. Why not swing by to pick up a few and then set up a reading nook in your home for your child to dive into their book selection?


Simple science experiments like making elephant toothpaste or color-changing invisible ink can also be a fun activity for kids. Some of these can get messy though, and best suited to the garage or a space that’s easy to clean up. 


Get Active


One of the biggest challenges on a hot summer day is finding ways for kids to burn up energy and stay active while indoors. Not to worry, there are several fun ways you can engage your kiddos inside without leaving your home like it was hit by a tornado. 


Dance parties are a simple yet fun way to get kids moving. Turn the lights down low, put on a strobe or disco light, and crank up the jams. Indoor obstacle courses can also be a fun way for gets to stay active. An army crawl through a pillow fort, funky feet tape trail, or headstand station against a wall are all fun obstacles for any aspiring ninja warriors. 

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