5 Green Living Cleaning Tips for Your Spring Cleaning

Spring is officially here and that means it’s time to start thinking about spring cleaning your home. There are many great products out there that will thoroughly clean your home, but could these products also be harming the environment and your health? Studies have shown that some of the chemicals found in common household cleaning products are doing more harm than good. think that preserving the ecosystem is important for the future of our world. Here is a list of 5 green living cleaning tips that we have compiled to help with your spring cleaning.

green living in Crosswinds

Buy Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

 More companies have started producing environmentally friendly cleaning products to lessen the impact chemicals have on the environment. Look for cleaning products that claim to be natural to lessen your impact on the earth. You can also substitute baking soda or vinegar to clean just about anything.

Air Out Your Home

More often than not, the air in your home is more polluted than the air outside due to cleaning products and toxic substances. So, one of our easiest green living cleaning tips is to open your windows on occasion to let the bad air filter out of your house as the clean air fills its space to promote green living at Crosswinds.

Switch to Castile Soap

Castile soap is 100% plant based, non-toxic and biodegradable. Since you can buy it as a liquid or as hard soap, you can easily replace any kind of soap you are already using that might be harmful for the environment. You can use it to clean dishes and laundry as well.

Use Baking Soda to Remove Unwanted Smells

 We all know that baking soda is essential for removing odor from your fridge, but did you know that it works other places too? Next time you are going to vacuum, sprinkle baking soda over your carpet first to remove any bad odors from your house. You’d be surprised how well this works.

Don’t Use Antibacterial Soap

Many people use antibacterial soap during the flu season to ward off unwanted germs, but this soap does not clean hands any better than regular soap and water. In fact, using antibacterial products too often can help lead to antibiotics resistance as the bacteria evolve. You’re better off with regular soap.

Green living at Crosswinds is as simple as making informed purchase decisions at the grocery store and knowing what can harm the environment. A little bit of research goes a long way when it comes to your environmental impact. Try these and other green living cleaning tips to help yourself and those around you. There are plenty of reasons to buy a new house in Crosswinds, but our parks, playgrounds and trails are huge benefits. To learn more about how we help keep these outdoor spaces beautiful, contact us today!

Image via envatoelements by diego_cervo