3 Reasons to Buy Crosswinds’ New Homes in Kyle, TX

If you’ve been looking for a home near Austin, but don’t want to be hassled with the never-ending hustle and bustle of the Texas capitol, then take a look at the beautiful new homes in Kyle, TX. Our master-planned community Crosswinds in Kyle has everything your family could hope for in a brand new community. Here are our top reasons to think about buying one of our new homes in Kyle, TX.

new homes in Kyle

Built by Exceptional Craftsmen

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it a thousand more times! We absolutely love our homebuilders. With them, they each bring decades of homebuilding experience and expertise to ensure that every single home in our master-planned community is everything the residents dreamed them to be. Regardless of if you get your home from Highland Homes, Meritage Homes or Pacesetter Homes, you can know that it was built with the highest standards and best building practices.

Community Amenities

There’s no staying inside on a beautiful day here at Crosswinds in Kyle. When the sun comes out to play, so can all our residents thanks to our delightful community amenities! While it’s a little chilly for swimming right now, come summer, everyone will be flocking to our spacious swimming pool! In the meantime, there are plenty of open green spaces for games and hike and bike trails throughout our master-planned community.

Not Too Far. Not Too Close.

Austin can be a lot of fun when you’re looking for big events or concerts to go to, but living in Austin can sometimes be a nightmare. Our new homes in Kyle, TX are only 20 miles from downtown Austin, which is the perfect distance for you and your family to be far enough removed that you don’t constantly get caught up in the mania but still close enough for you to enjoy an evening out on the town.

It may be a little too late to move into one of our master-planned community this year, but 2018 is your year! Contact Crosswinds in Kyle today to learn more about our master-planned community of new homes in Kyle, TX.

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