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Unchartered Adventures: Kyle’s Original Rage Room

Shattered plates, old TVs smashed to smithereens, home appliances beaten to a pulp, and broken glass – literally everywhere. Usually, a scene like this would be concerning, but it’s actually the aftermath of a whole lotta fun for visitors of Unchartered Adventure’s Rage Room in Kyle! 


You could say that rage rooms are all the rage, as they’ve recently been popping up in cities from coast to coast. Before we get into why grabbing a baseball bat or sledgehammer and reenacting the printer scene from Office Space is a whole lot of fun, let’s explain what a rage room or smash room is. Basically, it’s a room full of donated junk where, for a small fee, guests get to break, smash, and pulverize anything in the room. 


The items in the room to rage on can range from things as small as a coffee mug to as big as an old car. Once guests suit up in coveralls, face shields, eye protection, and gloves, they’re free to grab their weapon of choice and smash away. Some people opt for baseball bats and old golf clubs while others test their might with sledgehammers. Feel like simply throwing plates at a wall? You can do that too! 


Besides being great fun, it’s also an easy way to blow off some steam. “I actually left feeling better and less stressed,” reads a review from Joshua Ortiz. And because smashing things to a soundtrack is just more fun, the Unchartered Adventures team has equipped the room with a sound system so guests can put on whatever music they want to rage out to. 


Not only does Unchartered Adventures offer a place to break old electronics without getting in trouble or having to clean up the mess (the staff handles that), but it offers several other adventures worth checking out. 


Guests can choose from ax throwing, escape rooms, or a zombie air soft arena where visitors hunt for the undead in a post-apocalyptic maze of splattered neon paint under black lights. 


One of the most popular offerings that are certain to be a hit with guests of all ages is the splatter paint room. The entire room is a canvas under a blacklight that brings to life a palette of neon acrylic colors. Guests can use brushes, sponges, stencils, and other tools to channel their creative spirit and create their own messy masterpieces. (Don’t worry, protective ponchos and shoe covers are provided to keep your clothes mess-free.)


It’s no surprise that killing zombies, smashing up old cars, solving escape room riddles, hurling axes, and creating art can make a person thirsty. Guests can unwind before or after their adventure in the bar/lounge area that’s stocked with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and outfitted with several flatscreen TVs. 


With its anything-but-boring entertainment options and perfect chill-out area, it’s no wonder that Unchartered Adventures is such a hit for date nights, birthday parties, company outings, and so much more. 

This entertainment destination is just one of the many businesses that are a testament to Kyle’s economic growth. If you’d like to find a home here, reach out to learn more about our home builders at Crosswinds.

Photo from https://uncharteredadventures.com/gallery/