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Optimize Your Closet to Switch to Your Fall Wardrobe

As great as summer is with the long days spent on the water, just about everyone in Texas needs some relief from the heat by the time fall rolls around. Cooler weather brings its own host of outdoor activities, and with the occasional chilly night, a wardrobe swap is needed. 


Even if you have a massive closet that is big enough to hold every piece of clothing you own, it’s still a good idea to do a little bit of autumn closet organization. 


Here are a few tips to help you pack away those tank tops and cutoff shorts and swap in the scarves and flannels. 


Gradually Transition


As every Texan knows, there are still plenty of warm days in the fall. Because winters here tend to be on the milder side, it makes the most sense to gradually swap your clothing over from summer to fall. 


Start by pulling out any summer clothes you know you won’t be wearing until next year, and bring in those fall clothes that are on the lighter side. Any summer or fall clothes you’re ready to part with should go in a donation or trash pile. Those summer pieces you do want to keep should be washed and put away in storage. 


Make the Most of Storage Space


If you have a hefty wardrobe to put away, then you’ll want to be smart about how you maximize storage space. 


 Keep these tips in mind for making sure everything stays organized. 


  • Vacuum seal clothes in storage bags to take up less space.
  • Roll up jeans or t-shirts rather than folding them to maximize space.
  • Opt for flat storage bins that can slide under your bed (be sure to label them).
  • Keep dresses or fancier clothing items on slim hangers or in a storage bag.


Implement Some Organization Strategy


Fall and winter clothes tend to be a bit bulkier and take up more space than a summer wardrobe, so putting certain pieces in the right spot can make all the difference. You don’t want to hang sweaters or more delicate knits on a hanger, as this might stretch them out, so be sure to reserve the appropriate amount of drawer or shelf space. 


You may also want to consider organizing your fall pieces into categories, either by color or by the kind of weather they’re best suited for—lighter shirts in the front of your closet and thicker flannels or jackets in the back. Heavy blankets or pieces that you wear only on the chilliest of nights should be kept at the top of your closet. 


If space is an issue and you have to keep your summer and fall wardrobe in the same closet, make it easier on yourself and move the summer stuff to the front for easier access. 

Many of the homes located within the Crosswinds community have walk-in closets and two-car garages for plenty of storage space. To learn more about the available inventory of homes, contact the Crosswinds team today.