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School Halloween Parties: Easy Ideas for Busy Parents

Knife-wielding slashers and bloody limbs might be fine for an adult-themed Halloween party, but you’ll want to prioritize fun over scary for kids. Here are a few easy ideas for busy parents that promise to have all the ghouls of your kid’s school howling for more. 


Treats You Can Sink Your Teeth Into


Food is the highlight of any Halloween party, and the key to knocking it out of the graveyard is to offer treats that balance flavor with fun visual appeal. Sugar is always going to be a hit, but keep in mind kids tend to overload on sugar during the month of October with parties, festivals, and trunk-or-treat events. So be sure to mix in a few less-than-sugary healthy treats as well. 


Monster mouth: Slice up some green apples and put a spoonful of peanut butter between two apple slices. Place sunflower seeds or yogurt raisins in the peanut butter to create a healthier alternative to caramel apples.


Puffed rice pumpkins: Mix up a batch of marshmallow rice Krispy treats, but add a dash of orange food coloring. Form the mix into balls and finish each one off with a pretzel stem on top. 

Ghost cheese sticks – Break out the black Sharpie marker and draw a ghost face on the wrapper of each cheese stick. Halloween treats really don’t get any easier than this. 


Witch finger cookies: Buy some slice ‘n bake sugar cookie mix and add a few drops of green food coloring. Roll the dough into finger shapes and place an almond where the fingernail would be. After baking, put a dab of strawberry jelly on the almond to create a bloody fingernail. 


Spooktacular Decorations


It doesn’t take a lot to transform your child’s school classroom into a beautiful party space. You might not have much time to set up, so the key here is going to be decorations that are easy to put up and tear down. (Save the elaborate stuff for the neighborhood haunted house contest). 


Door decor: A few construction paper ghosts or skulls on the classroom door can serve as a welcoming invitation to the fun that awaits inside. 


Paper Streamers: Hang some orange, black, black, and purple streamers around the classroom door to add a festive flair. 


Spider balloons: Blow up a few black balloons and cut out strips of black construction paper that you can tape to the balloons for legs. Finish the spiders off with some yellow paper eyes. 


Monsterific Games


If there’s one thing kids love more than Halloween treats, it’s the games. These party games promise to be a graveyard smash!


Mummy race: Divide the class up into groups of two or three and designate one child as the mummy. Give each group a roll of toilet paper to see who can wrap their mummy up the fastest. 


Pumpkin bean bag toss: You’ll probably want to opt for a plastic pumpkin to avoid a mess, but have each child take turns tossing a bean bag into the pumpkin as you gradually move it further back after every toss. 

Kyle is a wonderful community for families with plenty of things to do, especially during Halloween. If you’d like to learn more about all this city has to offer and find a home in the Crosswinds master-planned community, reach out to us today.