Kyle Texas

Tiny House Coffee Roasters

If you’re looking for a good cup of coffee that not only has the power to perk you up in the morning but to change the lives of people for the better, consider filling your mug with a brew from Tiny House Coffee Roasters. Jump on the I-35 S for about 15 minutes and you’ll find a coffee-roasting company that is built on the foundation of delivering a sustainable product and lifting those who make it all possible. 


Texas Coffee with Origins in Nicaragua


Tiny House Coffee Roasters was started by Blake Thomas and Helen Schafer, who met while working as Peace Corps volunteers in Nicaragua in 2012. Blake and Helen got to know the coffee farmers in Nicaragua, and as they learned more about how difficult it was for the farmers to make a decent living, they felt committed to improving the situation. 


As Blake told Austin Business Journal, the best way to do so was by streamlining the process of getting the coffee from Nicaragua to U.S. consumers. 


“By eliminating middlemen, we were able to pay our farmers three times the market rate for their coffee,” Blake explained. “With increased returns and economic security, these farmers then invested back into their farms, families, and communities.”


A Mission of Sustainability 


Not only are Blake and Helen committed to treating their employees right and helping them to earn a fair wage, but Tiny House Roasters is built on the idea of making “attainable change.” One of the ways it’s doing that is by working with farmers who take a sustainable approach to coffee farming. So what’s that mean exactly? 


In the simplest terms, it means that Tiny House Coffee Roasters only buys and sells coffee beans that are in season. As the brand’s website explains, sometimes this means that “your favorite beans might be gone for a bit, [but] they’ll be back and better next year!”


From Bean to Keg


While you can’t simply swing by Tiny House Coffee Roasters and grab a latte to go (it’s a roasting company, not a coffee shop), there are numerous ways for you to enjoy this fine product. 


The roasting company’s coffee can be found in local grocery stores like H-E-B and Whole Foods, as well as businesses such as The Driskill Hotel, Planet Fitness, and Auberge Resorts. 


Of course, you can also order flavors like Moontower Dark Blend and La Casita directly from the website. Sign up for the Roaster’s Club, and Tiny House will ship you a new bag of coffee to try each month. 


Perhaps the coolest way to enjoy a cup of Tiny House Coffee though is through its cold brew delivery platform. Hit them up and they’ll deliver their bag-in-box cold brew to your home or office in the greater Austin area. And if you drink a lot of coffee (like, a lot, a lot) you can even have a full keg of nitro cold brew delivered to your door. 


Tiny House Coffee Roasters is one of many small businesses in the Kyle area that is carving out a name for itself for all the best reasons. If you’d like to find a home in Kyle, contact the Crosswinds team today.