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Making Healthy Foods Fun for Kids

A steaming plate of broccoli can make many kids turn up their noses. It doesn’t matter how much you tell them it’s healthy and it will help them grow up big and strong; some kids would rather starve than try so much as a nibble. 


If you’re scrambling to figure out how to get your picky eater to embrace healthy foods, here are a few tips. 


Add Visual Appeal 


Kids are visual eaters just like adults, and if a new food looks unappetizing, trying it could be an uphill battle. A great way of adding a dose of fun to mealtime is with cookie cutters. Use cookie cutters to transform fruits, veggies, meats, or sandwiches into fun shapes. 


You can even combine different foods with cookie cutters to create funny faces. Kids will get a kick out of the “new” foods and may just be more open to trying them. 




A little incentive can go a long way toward motivating people; the same goes for kids. Rewarding children with dessert for eating their vegetables can make it feel like you’re canceling out nutrition, so consider alternatives. Maybe your child gets points for every new food they finish at mealtime that can be cashed in for things like 30 minutes of bumped-up bedtime or a trip to the zoo or waterpark. 


Roll’em Up


It’s a universal truth that kids love food that’s rolled up. Something about rolled food just tastes better to kids, and putting this into action can be a great way of getting more healthy foods on your child’s plate. 


Use foods like a cheese slice, tortilla, or seaweed wrap as the vehicle for other healthy foods such as fruits, veggies, or meats. 


Embrace the Smoothie


Being a good parent is about doing what’s best for your children – even if, at times, it requires being a bit sneaky. Busting out the blender and making a fruity yogurt smoothie while slipping in some green veggies like spinach or kale is an excellent way of incorporating healthy foods into your child’s diet. 


If your child raises an eyebrow at the green color of their regular bright red strawberry smoothie, just tell them it’s Hulk juice. You won’t technically be lying, as leafy greens can help promote the growth of strong muscles


Get Your Kids Involved 


Children are often more enthusiastic about trying something if they get to have a hand in the process. Bringing your child into the kitchen to help prepare lunch or dinner gives them a sense of empowerment. Younger children may like stirring or adding ingredients, while older kids may be up for the task of chopping fruits and veggies. A hands-on approach can have a big impact on helping kids to be a bit more open-minded when it comes to eating new foods. 


If the first method isn’t a surefire success, try a combination of these tips and, above all else, be patient and stick with it. Before you know it, your kids may just be suggesting healthy recipes of their own to try out in the kitchen. 


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