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Keep It Kyle Pie Series: MOD Pizza

There’s a reason why Kyle is the Pie Capital of Texas. OK, maybe the pie most people think of is more the sweet kind like apple pie and pumpkin pie. Or perhaps, savory pies like chicken pot pie and Frito pie. Kyle’s version of pies refers to all of these and the pizza version.

This town has an amazing selection of pizza pies including MOD Pizza in Kyle Crossing on 151 Evans Dr., Suite 105, Kyle, TX 78640.

It’s a MOD, MOD, MOD World: The Story

The business says it’s the original superfast pizza experience. Fast does not sacrifice taste or quality. They say this fast-casual concept puts you in the driver’s seat with its artisan-style pizzas and salads that are individually-sized and made on-demand. You have a choice of more than 30 toppings. And the price stays the same no matter which you pick.

The company loves to spread MODness, a platform for doing good. What this means is they take care of their employees, their employees take care of you, and the business will thrive. Husband and wife Scott and Ally Svenson founded MOD in 2008 in Seattle. Yes, there were plenty of pizza options. But they explored the possibility of giving customers what they wanted, fresh and on-demand, and for as little as possible.

At the same time, they wanted to pay their employees aka the MOD squad as much as possible and provide them with a real chance for growth. And it’s working. They also aim to use ingredients that are mindful of animal ethics and environmental impact. Simply put, if they wouldn’t serve it to their kids, they’re not going to serve it to you. Now they have locations all over the U.S. and right here in Kyle, Texas.

What’s on the MOD Menu?

MOD’s pizzas are 11-inches and their menu lists their most popular 10 combinations. You can go with those or choose your toppings. Since you don’t have to share it, there’s no arguing over the toppings. They offer all the sauces including BBQ, pesto, red, white, and EVOO.

Even their cheeses aren’t the typical suspects like mozzarella, though they offer that. You can order dairy-free cheese or go with asiago or gorgonzola. Crust options include original, gluten-free, and cauliflower. If you’d like to know where they source their ingredients from, the website goes into detail on that. They have a 6-inch pizza item for those with smaller appetites.

Aside from salads, other options include cheesy garlic bread and no name cake. This is a chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream covered with a chocolate glaze.

This series is a dangerous one to cover. It leaves us starving after we finish writing it. Off to Mod Pizza we go!

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