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Keep it Kyle and Keep it Cool with La Ola Pop Shop

This Texas summer heat is truly no joke! Thankfully, La Ola Pop Shop, one of our favorite local businesses in Kyle, has all the summertime sweets that make it easy to beat the Texas heat.

Keep it Kyle and Keep it Cool with La Ola Pop Shop
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The Scoop on La Ola Pop Shop

With experience going back for generations, this local Kyle business stems from a long line of Mexican Paleteros and Heladeros. That great depth of experience and family knowledge helped La Ola Pop Shop master the craft of making delightfully refreshing ice pops (paletas) and ice cream that help the people in Kyle, Texas beat this dastardly summer heat. Like some of our favorite local businesses in Kyle, La Ola Pop Shop is located in downtown Kyle and is the perfect stop to make before exploring all of downtown Kyle.


Paletas/Ice Pops/Popsicles – it doesn’t matter what you call them. What matters is how delicious and refreshing it is when you first get that freezing treat that seems to send a chilly wave straight through your body. When it comes to the flavors, La Ola Pop Shop has more than you could ever ask for! They have refreshing fruit-based paletas like mango, pineapple and watermelon, but they also have cream-based paletas like pecan, Oreo and strawberry cheesecake. That isn’t even all! They also have seasonal flavors that they rotate, so make sure to ask about them when you visit. You won’t be disappointed.

Ice Cream

Now if you’re craving a treat that comes in a scoop and not a stick, then you’ll really want some of the amazing ice cream scooped up at La Ola Pop Shop! For a scoop that is refreshingly fruity, you’ll love their fruit-based ice creams like mango and strawberry. For your more classic, cream-based ice creams, they’re scooping up flavors like key lime pie, pistachio and, of course, chocolate. As with the paletas, they have seasonal flavors of ice cream that you can only discover by going to the store!

They don’t just stop at paletas and ice cream though! You’ll have to go visit them to see just all their cool concoctions. La Ola Pop Shop and many other local businesses in Kyle are trying to help everyone beat this dreadful summer heat. Stay cool and close to home by supporting these great local establishments near Crosswinds that give us all such fun things to do in Kyle. Want to get the scoop on all things Kyle? Connect with Crosswinds on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter today!