Back to School with Hays CISD

Sadly, summer break is coming to an end and it’s time to start getting ready to go back to school. For all our Crosswinds students and parents, here are some things to note for going back to school with Hays CISD and the specific Kyle schools that our master-planned community feeds into.

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Going Back to Pfluger Elementary School

If your child is returning to Pfluger Elementary School, then you already know how great of a school it is, and if your kid is just now about to start Kindergarten or you just moved to Crosswinds, you’ll instantly fall in love with this school. At Pfluger, their mission is to encourage students to take educational risks and be accountable to themselves and others. To make sure your kiddos are all set to go back to school, here’s the Pfluger Elementary School supply list for all grades.

Going Back to Chapa Middle School

Middle school is a transitional time in a child’s life. Help your child find an activity they’ll love by looking at the great electives offered at Chapa Middle School. At Chapa, the Cougars put an emphasis on building pride through Character, Opportunity, Unity, Generosity, Accountability and Relationships. Get your middle schoolers all set on supplies with the Hays CISD general middle school supply list.

Going Back to Lehman High School

Time sure does fly! One moment you’re taking them to their first day of Kindergarten and the next they’re in high school. With even more opportunities for students to take classes that peak their interest, Lehman High School offers a wide array of electives and extra-curriculars. You and your teen can check them all out on the Departments page of the school’s website. For your high schooler’s school supplies, Hays CISD doesn’t have a standardized supply list for grades 9-12. For their first day of class, students should bring basic supplies like pens, pencils and paper. Each teacher will inform the students of the supplies they’ll need for that specific class.

While it can be sad when summer break ends because that means less opportunities for impromptu family time, we hope this helps you get your kid ready and pumped for another great school year at Hays CISD. To stay in the know about fun things regarding Hays CISD or the family-fun lifestyle of our master-planned community, be sure to follow Crosswinds on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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