Design Homeowner Tips

Choosing the Right Furniture for your New Home

Picture this: you are ready to pick furniture for your new home. You stroll into HomeGoods, prepared to make purchases, but you find yourself overwhelmed with choices. Though the cutest couch may be comfy and affordable, consider these four tips to help guide you! 


  1. Consider your space: Whether the room is spacious or on the small side, consider the overall space. Be sure to use a tape measure and measure the length and width of each room you plan to furnish. Measure each doorway to ensure plenty of space for moving pieces of furniture into the room.


By starting with this task, you can craft your dream floor plan with the furniture you have or pieces you hope to get! Plan to accommodate at least one yard between pieces of furniture so that people can move freely about the room. 


  1. Look for pieces that complement each other: The polka-dot ottoman with a plaid couch and a leather loveseat might have been perfect for college, but you may be looking to step up your game as a homeowner. Interior designers frown upon only going for pieces with the same colors and designs but encourage finding complementary patterns and shades.


Consider both the color of the walls and the floor when considering pieces. If you have dark wooden floors, aim for decor on the lighter side to provide some contrast. Find your personal style among all of these design tips!


  1. Start with the basics and build out: Once you decide on the room design, start with the basics each room will need before moving on to smaller pieces of furniture and accessories.

If you consider the bedroom layout, for example, start with where you like the bed to go, then add the dresser and nightstands! With the family room, consider the placement of the sofa initially, as it will probably be the largest piece, before factoring in smaller chairs, a TV, or end tables. 


  1. Choose a theme(s): Who doesn’t love a good theme? Traditional, modern, and casual are the top themes in furniture. Modern tends to incorporate sleek designs and materials like glass, steel, and plastic. Traditional is often more formal – think ornately carved wooden dining chairs. Casual is often the coziest of the styles: big cushioned sofas and recliners. 


Can’t decide which one is your favorite? Take your time and blend elements of the three if you have an eye for style. Whether you go for any combination of the three or select one and run with it, your new home will be a dream!


Style and functionality: It is a safe bet that a couple with three young children will probably consider different pieces of furniture than a bachelor. Style and functionality can live in harmony – so long as consideration is given to both. Look for pieces that are pleasing to your personal style but are also functional to your lifestyle. 

The last thing anybody wants is to bring a new piece of furniture home and discover that it isn’t quite right for your favorite space.


Hopefully, these tips will help you formulate a game plan to shop for the right furniture for your home. If you are ready to look for your dream home or have questions about furnishing a home in the Crosswinds master-planned community, contact us for more information.