5 Projects You Can Complete Today to Declutter Your Home

With spring right around the corner, now is the perfect time to get a jump start on your spring cleaning. One of the easiest ways to organize your space is to declutter your home. Simple decluttering projects involve tidying up specific “problem areas” such as the fridge or the bathroom. Today, our master-planned community is bringing you five of our favorite fast and easy decluttering tips!

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1. Clean the Fridge Door

The first decluttering tip involves tackling the condiment section of your refrigerator. First, open up your fridge. Next, take out all the condiments and put them on your counter. Start checking expiration dates and throwing away anything that is past its prime or that you’re never going to use. Before returning the remaining bottles to the fridge, wipe down the bottoms and sides of the jars with a damp sponge.

2. Designate a Pen Cup

We’re all guilty of having pens and pencils thrown aimlessly around our home. Go around and gather all of the excess pens and pencils and put them in one designated area, whether it be a cup in your home office or a drawer in your kitchen. Before placing them in their new home, double check that the pens have ink and the pencils have lead. Toss out any that don’t work!

3. Declutter the Shower

It’s easy to get distracted at the store by the latest-and-greatest bath products. We get lured by premises like ‘sleek shine’ and ‘smoother, younger skin.’ As we buy more and more products, they start to take up valuable real estate in the shower. Recycle the empty bottles and give away products you didn’t like. Only keep your favorite products that you use every day!

4. Tidy Up the Laundry Room

We’ve tackled the kitchen, we’ve organized the bathroom and now it’s time to declutter the laundry room. Check for any empty containers of detergent, bleach or fabric softener and throw them away. Gather any oddball socks or articles of clothing that you find and put random items pulled from pockets back where they belong.

5. Recycle Your Magazines

It’s easy to let magazines and catalogs pile up on your coffee table. Recycle old issues and keep only current ones that you still want to read. If you find an article in an old issue that you really enjoy, that doesn’t mean you have to keep the whole magazine – cut the section out, set it aside and recycle the rest of the issue.

There are so many simple ways you can go through and declutter your home. Most of these decluttering projects can be completed in less than 20 minutes, and they can make your home feel brand new! If you’re looking for a home that is actually brand new, look no further than our master-planned community.  Crosswinds’ new homes in Kyle are perfect for the family and come clutter-free! Contacts us today to find your dream home.

Image via Getty Images. Creative number 912932274.