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Caylor Forge Blacksmithing in Nearby Gruene

Working with metal to form a tool, otherwise known as blacksmithing, is one of the oldest trades that’s still utilized today. While there have been advances in the craft, today’s process of hammering hot iron to create a tool is not all that different from how it was done back in ancient Egypt


If you’re curious about the art of blacksmithing or simply want to learn something new, then you owe it to yourself to check out Caylor Forge & Leatherworks in nearby San Antonio and Gruene. 


A Family Business


Caylor Forge is run by the Caylor family and was founded in 2018. As told by Sabrina Caylor, the family didn’t have a lineage in the craft but discovered a passion for it as a hobby that later morphed into a family business. 


“We fell in love with it and trained with some of the most amazing blacksmiths I’ve ever met from all over the United States,” Sabrina said


The shop’s first location was set up in Gruene and is only “steps away” from the town’s original blacksmith shop that was in operation back in the 1800s. Surrounded by the history of Gruene, Caylor Forge is a chance for visitors to step back in time and get a glimpse of old-world craftsmanship, and even create something for themselves. 


Handmade Souvenirs (By You!)


One of the coolest things about a visit to Caylor Forge & Leatherworks is that visitors have the opportunity to try their hand at the craft and hammer out their own souvenir. A variety of pieces are available to make including copper bracelets, railroad spike bottle openers, and several types of knives. 


The blacksmithing process typically takes between 20 minutes and two hours depending on the piece being made, and prices start at $25. While walk-ins are accepted, making a reservation is advised.


Now if you’re ready to step up to something a little bit more intensive, the shop also offers one and two-day classes where participants will learn to make an heirloom-quality knife or a pipe tomahawk.


Shop and Sharpen


Even if sticking a piece of iron in hot coals and pounding it out on an anvil doesn’t sound like your typical fun afternoon activity, Caylor Forge is worth a visit. The shop offers some stunning handmade leather pieces such as briefcases, wallets, and journals, as well as beautiful housewares and jewelry. 


Of course, the highlight of the Caylor Forge shop is the handmade knives. With knives ranging from cleavers to medieval daggers, the shop offers blades both for function and eye-catching display. 


And if your knives are getting a bit dull, you can even take your old knives to the shop and they’ll sharpen them up for you. Just drop them off and they’ll let you know when they’re ready. Most knives can be sharpened and picked up the very same day. 


Being just a half-hour drive from Kyle, Caylor Forge is one of those small businesses that are perfect to check out on a weekend trip. 


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