Making Your Home a “Smart Home”

smart home technology
(Image via businessinsider.com)

Recent technological advancements have allowed us to make simple home improvements faster! By buying one or two gadgets, you can make life at home much easier. While making your home smart might sound like a daunting task, the technology has come a long way and it is now easier than ever. There are a lot of smart home goods like LED bulbs, locks, TVs and even robot vacuums that clean your home while keeping your pet intrigued. For those looking to step into the future of homes, here’s some information on smart home technology!

Your Personal Home Assistant

You have probably chatted with Siri, Alexa or Google on your phone or other device. Artificial intelligence is one of the many ways you can make your home smarter. Companies like Apple, Google and Amazon came up with their own home assistant technologies that execute some of the tasks you do at home like playing music, updating your calendar and even computing simple math problems as you dictate. If you paid attention to this year’s Apple WWDC (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference), then you might have noticed Apple’s new egg-shaped speaker called “HomePod”, which promises to innovate home speakers, but also act as a smart home assistant that lets you connect to the different devices inside your home. If you’re having trouble deciding which smart home technology assistant to purchase, see how they stack up to each other!

Wondering Where to Start?

With the number of brands and devices out on the market, choosing a smart home appliance can be overwhelming. The best starting point is your home TV. If you have bought your TV within the last few years, it probably has “smart features” that let you browse the web, stream videos and photos from your phone or even let you install third party apps like Skype, Netflix and Facebook for more productivity or entertainment.

Smart homes not only make your life easier, but are also good for the environment! If you’ve decided to buy one of our new homes in Kyle, TX, it’s a good investment to install a learning thermostat, LED bulbs or even a smart refrigerator. These devices are designed to conserve excessive electric usage and reduce your monthly cost. To learn more about our homes near Austin, contact Crosswinds today.