The Top 4 SXSW Events You Should Attend

Crosswinds Kyle Texas
(Image via schedule.sxsw.com)

SXSW 2017 is only days away and we cannot wait! Every year, Austin hosts this unforgettable festival filled with music, film, interactive and many networking opportunities. With so much to see and do in 10 days, it can be overwhelming! Crosswinds in Kyle, Texas is sharing the top 4 events you should attend while at SXSW.

1. Buzz Aldrin

Put on your space helmets and blast off with NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin. Have you ever imagined how surreal it must be to take some of the first steps on the moon? It’s your chance to hear him talk about his experiences. This session will inspire you to think more about space and aeronautics!

Aldrin will be co-hosting this session with Jeff Kluger, Editor at large of Time Magazine and Time.com ! They will also be holding a Q&A where you can ask them anything about their areas of expertise.

2. Mike Posner

If you’ve tuned in to a popular radio station you might have heard Mike Posner’s hit “I Took A Pill in Ibiza.” He’ll be talking about his surging career and a book of poems he will soon publish. His session will include a Q&A and autograph signing!

3. Marie Kondo

Is your life too hectic to keep up with sometimes? Then you’ll benefit from a conversation with Marie Kondo, a Japanese entrepreneur and organization genie. Her methods have been hailed as revolutionary. See for yourself how she can inspire you to keep life organized.

4.Bill Nye Documentary

Kids all over the nation know and love him. If you’ve seen some of his educational videos, then you’ll recognize his name, Bill Nye: The Science Guy. Did you know there is a documentary film about him? They’re having multiple screenings, so make sure to check it out!

All these events and more will have Austin filled with people from all over the world. If you want to take a break, come check out our master-planned community of new homes in Kyle, TX! For more information on our upcoming community, contact Crosswinds in Kyle, Texas today.