The Boring Company’s Project in Kyle

A lot of exciting changes are happening in Kyle. We’ve previously noted the relocation of beverage flavoring company Sovereign Flavors as well as the approval of the Vybe 80-mile trail development last September. Well, more change is on the way and it includes a project linked to none other than billionaire and Texas resident Elon Musk. 


The city recently approved the construction of a railroad pedestrian tunnel that will be a part of the Vybe trail system. The project will be developed by The Boring Company, a multi-million dollar company founded by Musk not all that long ago. 


Let’s take a look at the company behind this new project and what Kyle residents can expect from the new development. 


What is The Boring Company?


Despite the not-so-exciting name, The Boring Company is actually doing some pretty cool things. The company is all about—literally—digging down (or boring) to make a positive change in how city residents get around. 


Founded in 2016, Boring Company creates tunnels to help with everything from freight transport to pedestrian walkways. According to the company’s website, its focus is on using tunnels to solve the problem that surface roads present—mainly taking up limited land space and resulting in seemingly endless traffic jams. The company operates with the belief that underground tunnels will allow for the “repurpose of roads into community-enhancing spaces, and beautifying [of] our cities.” 


If this sounds familiar, it’s probably because Musk’s most publicized concept regarding this was the Hyperloop system involving an underground supertrain in California. 


Boring’s Project in Kyle


No, you won’t be able to leave your car at home and hop on an underground train that propels you from Austin to Dallas to catch a Cowboys game all in the time it takes to check your fantasy football roster. The Boring Company does, however, have the greenlight from Kyle City Council to build a pedestrian tunnel on the Vybe that would connect the Plum Creek neighborhood with Kyle Crossing. 


Initially, the idea was to have a bridge connecting the two areas, but that was ruled out for safety reasons. 


The tunnel is estimated to cost around $3 million with the developers of Kyle Crossing Phase 2, Central SouthWest Texas Development, footing the bill. When the project is finished, the tunnel will be around 12 feet in diameter, with a 10-foot-wide path. It will have lighting and will most likely be equipped with cameras monitored by the Kyle Police Department to add an extra element of safety. 


An official groundbreaking and completion date hasn’t yet been announced, but when the project does get underway, it should be open and ready for use within a few months. 


As we said, a lot of changes are happening in Kyle, and it’s exciting to see our city growing and flourishing. With so much development, now is one of the best times to find a new home here. Reach out to the Crosswinds team to learn more about our builders and the numerous amenities within our community.